Monday, March 31, 2014

Sunday at the zoo!!!

It was a gorgeous 72 degree day so the kids and I thought it was the perfect afternoon to spend at the zoo!

Chloe loves going to the zoo and it's been a hobby of ours since we had our pass in Denver when she was a baby. She still loves it and continues to enjoy the DM zoo over the years too.

Cooper loves animals and gets so excited when he sees them. This was probably the best trip to the zoo with him that I've experienced. He was so interested in the animals, calling them by name, making their sounds and even waking from sight to sight. Coop did an amazing job of listening and staying with us. He absolutely loved the goats, I think that was his fave part.

Chloe's fave was the indoor discovery center and walking across the bridge :-)

We all had a wonderful time together! We only wish daddy could have been there with us but he's working a million hours and we love him for all the hardwork he does for us!

Happy 4th birthday Ava!!!

Saturday we had a great time celebrating dear Ava's birthday! I can remember like it was yesterday the day we met her, she was just a baby in her infant car seat. It's hard to believe she's four years old but that also means we're so lucky to have been friends with the Petersen's for over three years.

The party was so much fun for the kids. Chloe called meeting princess Elsa the best day ever! And your all know how much Coop loves Frozen as well so he was in heaven, following Elsa around, saying "let it go" and even went in for a hug!

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Cheer Premier!

Friday night Chloe had her end of the season cheer premier. It was an open house style. They received certificates and Chloe earned an extra award, the sportsmanship award for her team! We are so proud of this award and really believe in the importance of its meaning. Great job Chloe! Chloe also won a raffle prize, it was a tumbler, can't have enough of those :-) And Chloe joined in on the jump contest including ages 3-18 and did an amazing toe touch which got her into the semi finals! Her coaches were super impressed and asked how she did so great!!!

We had a fun cheer season, watching Chloe learn and grow, be part of a team, doing something new, being with our old friends and making new friends!

Friday rest after lunch.

Looking at this picture I can finally see the resemblances of us. (But all in all he still looks just like daddy).

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Lights out!

When we got home from gymnastics our power was out! About 36 people in the neighborhood were out. It was like living in the olden days and boy none of us liked it, lol! But it did calm the kids down and lead to an early bed time, I think I might have an idea......;) After the novelty of flashlights and headlamps wore off, Coop just wanted to snuggle and go to sleep, what a sweetie!


These kids are so fast, there's no getting a face let alone a smile! I took both kids tonight because Jason is working a million hours and lets just say last week was easier;)


Amazing dental hygiene! Coop picked out a new toothbrush and brushed his teeth for a solid half hour!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Tuesday with the three amigos :-)

Where Cooper goes Everlee is sure to follow and where Everlee goes Cooper is sure to follow! They make such fun play mates and really get along so well. We had a great day of lunch, play time, picking up Chloe from school, snack time and more play time.

Sometime on the quick ride to school I'm pretty sure Cooper and Everlee plotted against me to both not take naps! They played hard and were both tired by the end of the day but neither of them would nap. Chloe is the only one who laid down and watched a cartoon and rested while the other two tore it up downstairs!

Some realizations I came to yesterday include:

Spending time with Everlee sure boosts my self esteem, I'll sing and dance and she's quick to give me lots of smiles, laughs and encouragement to keep going!

Cooper makes me feel like a rock star by shouting "mommy" every 5-7 seconds!

And Chloe keeps up my intellect by asking at least 487 questions a day!

These are the days!!!