Tuesday, October 18, 2016

After school play date!

It was a gorgeous day, perfect for riding bikes :-) later inside, Kerry found the boys in her room, Evan was reading a book to Cooper :-)

Playing in the sand.

We had another fun play date with the most friends yet on a Tuesday, so fun!

Leaf pile!

Coop had been waiting to make a leaf pile with daddy and they did so yesterday. Today he and Charlie played in the pile again right away after school :-)

The old man from Up!

Coop found these in the dress up basket and loved them. He even tried to wear them to school on Monday, lol!

Eden's a child of God!

Eden was baptised on Sunday! We were so bummed to miss her special ceremony. But we are blessed and honored to be her God parents. We were able to join in the celebration Sunday afternoon and again had a wonderful meal and made more family memories together. This is the only pic I took on Sunday and it's so incredibly cute!

My first half marathon!!!

I had two goals this year, first to run a 10k, which I did in the spring and then to run a half marathon, which I did this past Sunday!!! I started training for the half as soon as I finished the 10k. It was countless hours of running all spring and summer long. I seriously couldn't have done it with out the endless support of Jason. He would encourage me when I was less than motivated. And take care of the kids, dog and house so I could hit the pavement.

I loved seeing Chloe, Cooper and Jason there cheering me on and congratulating me! Chloe gave me so many words of encouragement and support on the drive to the race that morning, it seriously helped me out! She's an awesome little girl :-)

The half was an amazing experience physically and emotionally. The run was awesome, I actually really did enjoy it. The weather could have been better, it was warm for fall and so incredibly humid. They also changed the route this year and added that horrible hill up the capital at mile ten!!! Why would they do that, it was torture??!! I was averaging a 9:50 mile until mile ten. That's when I ran up the hill and the leg cramps started. I could barely run, it hurt so incredibly bad. The cramps never went away and I ran through the pain for 3.1 more miles. It added quite a bit of time to my total which had me bummed but I finished none the less. My time was 2 hours 19 minutes with a pace of 10:38/mile.

I'm so proud to have reached both of my goals this year! I'm not trying to boast, I try to be a humble person but I never thought I'd be a runner let alone a half marathoner, so it's a mix of shock and feeling accomplished, lol!

Ice cream cake, yummy!

Pay time!!!

Saturday night party time!

Thanks to Rich and Andrea for having us over Saturday! It's so fun to get both sides together, let the kids play and adults catch up with each other. Thanks to Carol for a fun birthday party for Julia and Chloe! Chloe felt so special to be celebrated with everyone :-)

Monday, October 17, 2016

Family picture day!

Saturday we had family pictures taken! I can't wait you get them back. Everyone looked beautiful and handsome and there were a ton of smiles and giggles :-)

Chloe's fall party!

First of ask, thank you to aunt Brigett for watching Cooper so I could attend Chloe's party! Cooper looked forward to your visit with him and loved spending time with you.

I didn't get many different party pics because I was in charge of pumpkin bowling. Lordy that was quite the task for a class of second graders lol! But it was fun!

Chloe has a great friend, Grace, and they are so cute together. The boy was photo bombing our pics (I guess that's super funny in second grade and he got lots of laughs) that's why there are so many tries.

I loved being there with Chloe and she continues to make me proud with her respectful and wonderful nature at school.

Fall party time!

Friday was Coop's first fall party at school. It was seriously so fun to be there and watch him at school. Her loves school, his friends and his teachers. Coop knows and follows the rules. I'm so proud of him. And so thankful I was able to be there with him!

Between naps!

The older two were having so much fun playing together Thursday. But wanted some snuggles between Eden's naps :-)

Sweet notes!

I write notes and put them in Chloe's lunch box here and there. She told me how much they mean to her and she started to write me notes too. Gosh I LOVE my girl!