Friday, May 27, 2016

Career Day!

The new principal at Chloe's school is so great. One of the incentives for the kids are to earn tickets that full up a case and in return earn special days at school. Today was career day and Chloe came up with the idea and outfit all by herself, an office worker :-) she's so cute, I love it! Definitely looks like a business woman to me :-)

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Thursday play date!

We went to our cousins' house today. First a trip to the park then back to the house to have so much fun playing in the water and with the water table. It was hot and the kids had the right idea.

And we were so, so happy to get to snuggle little Eden again :-) she's growing so fast already.


This puppy would sleep all day if we let him.

Getting ready to celebrate!

Charlie was playing with Chloe's dress up stuff and it ended up actually going on him, lol :-)

Ridge rides.

Another fun morning at the Ridge with friends. Cooper even did the craft! :-)

And then mom's turn :-)

And equally nice to let mom try it out too :-) It's hard and a good work out. Dad also took a turn but I wasn't fast enough for a pic. Next time.

Coop's turn!

And Chloe was so nice to take turns with her little brother. Cooper was impressive for a three year old! :-)

Stunt stand!

Thank you so much to gramma k for Chloe's new stunt stand! There really isn't anything  that Chloe enjoys more than cheer and tumbling. This was the perfect gift! She's already having fun and working on her skills!

Tuesday play date!

Such a cute coincidence that all three boys wore bright orange! Fun in the sun!

So cute!

Every morning :-)

Sheer madness!

For the past couple years Brigett and Steve have had the magic touch for taking Cooper to get his haircut. But that can't go on forever so we tried a new place geared specifically for kids this week. We loved it and will be going back for sure!

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Off to Sioux City!

Then Saturday afternoon we went to papa and gramma K's house! We enjoyed going to cousin Anne's graduation party and catching up with so many aunts, uncles and cousins.

The kids were spoiled again with lots of ice cream, I'm seeing a common theme when it comes to grandparents and yummy treats :-)

Thanks for having us and for all the food, fun and drinks :-) that sangria was delicious;)

Road trip weekend!

Friday after work we went to visit papa Smith and spend the night!

On the ride, Charlie made himself comfy on the cooler :-)

The kids enjoyed ice cream treats! And had fun playing with the daddy's old childhood books papa found in the basement!

Thanks for having us! We hope you had a fun and dry motorcycle ride on Saturday! :-)

Thank you Theresa!

Thank you to my friend Theresa in Denver for the special package for Charlie! It's a chill bone, a freezer teething bone, to help our little puppy through his tough teething stage. That was so sweet of you :-)

Play date fun.

This past week we had fun on a lot of play dates with our friends!

Monday Cooper and I went to Evan's house to play. Then Stephanie and TJ played at our house for a short while :-)

Tuesday we had our group play date at the park all in time before a big rain storm rolled in!

Wednesday we enjoyed the Ridge in the morning. Running trades with Stephanie and TJ after lunch. Then a play date at Petersen's camp site after school!

Thursday we had fun having Brigett, Everlee, Stephanie and TJ over to play and a we also went you the park together!

What a great week filled with friends and fun!

Police station activity!

Jason took the kids to the police station community event Tuesday evening. They received free chik-fil-a sandwiches and chips. Got to see a lot of cool old police cars, the life flight helicopter and hung out with friends that were there too!


Just when I thought our teething days were over, Charlie began teething! He lost three teeth in three days and was pretty miserable:( Chloe is so sweet she wrote the puppy tooth fairy letters every day for him:)

Dinner with friends!

Sunday evening we went to the Fallon's for a grill out along with the Petersens. The highlight was that the Fallon's got another kitten :-) Thanks for having us over!

Sunday funday!!!

Sunday we spent the afternoon at the winery with Brigett and Steve! We all enjoyed the music, festivities, snacks and of course wine :-)

Rest of the night.

Then after a great day spent together, Tim and Stephanie came over with dinner and we enjoyed a grill out, drinks and relaxing for the rest off the night!

Our fave park!

We spent most of the afternoon playing at Walker Johnson park. The kids had so much fun, that park is so cool!

Last weekend kids!

We had the Petersen kids over to play so Tim and Stephanie could pack up their house and moving truck.

They started out with a pizza lunch party compete with funny cat videos and I've never heard the kids laugh to much!

Monday, May 16, 2016

Sweetest girl in the world.

Chloe is always making cards for family and friends expressing her thoughts and feelings. I just love this one she made for Charlie, so sweet :-)