Friday, August 30, 2013

Today was a fun day!

Chloe had school and Coop took an awesome nap. Daddy had his "short" day. And we had the early bird special at Mexico per Chloe's request. Then we did some shopping to get us ready for the college and pro football season, it's a fun yearly tradition. Then we had a fun and easy night of playing inside since it's so hot outside and lots of popcorn to snack on. Cooper loves popcorn just like Chloe and I do:) after it's popped he runs over to a specific spot where we eat it together, so adorable, love it every time.

Evening laughs

I don't know what was going on but we were having a good time:) Chloe took this picture.

Then she came home from school

And changed into this funky outfit complete with a side ways hat! She is always surprising me, lol:)

School on Thursday

And Chloe looked so cute:)

Snuggles after Coop's nap:)

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Snack time!

Cooper dumped the box of bunny grahms on the floor but then started to eat them! So self sufficient ;)

I'm proud to share that my endless sign language attempts are finally working with Cooper! He signs "all done" and last night and today he signed "more"! I'm still working on eat, nursies, and a new one, ice. He understands almost everything I talk with him about and now it's so fun for him to respond. His words are dada, mama, yeah and he says hi into the phone when playing:) he's growing up so fast.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Back bend kick over!

Chloe can now do get back bend kick over! She's been trying so hard lately and finally achieved it!

The last photo is of her happy dance:))))

These two spell trouble!

First Cooper climbed up then Chloe followed. Then they started to dance!:)

Building blocks:)

Hello Betty!

1st day of 4yo preschool!

Monday was Chloe's first day of school at East Elementary! This is the school where she will attend from now on. She was so excited:) we walked to school and I am really looking forward to taking these walks twice a day. So much better than driving across town.

Chloe quickly jumped right in and gave me a hug and kiss. No tears were shed this year as she's had a couple warm up years to preschool so they was a relief.

She goes M, T, R, F for 2 1/2 hours a day. 
She's got the sweetest teacher and we look forward to a successful and fun year!

Grandma Mary

The most devastating event this past week was the passing of great grandma Mary Smith. She lived her life to the fullest and was the matriarch for the entire Smith family. We loved her so much and we will miss her more than my words can express.

We spent these past couple days celebrating her glorious life and being with the huge family she made for us. It was sorrowful and healing at the same time.

As Chloe said it best, I wish she was still here but now she's an angel flying in the heavens.

This past week.

We stayed busy with play dates, a date night, family get togethers, cheer and tumbling practice for Chloe and dr check up for Cooper. Cooper is healing nicely according to the dr! He is also cutting another tooth, this is his 8th. And we've been enjoying locally grown corn on the cob, it's so good this year:)


So this past week has been crazy for me. The main reason I haven't posted any blogs is because my phone was on the fritz starting last Wednesday. I finally got a new one sent to me and just now I synced up my blogger account. So now it's catch up time. Thanks for waiting for me.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Dancing machine:)

Cooper is putting in his cd so he can dance to the music:) this boy loves to dance and it's way too cute!

He's also cutting his 7th tooth! Bottom right:)

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Chasing bubbles:)

And she's off!

This afternoon we went on a walk/bike ride. Chloe led the way through the neighborhood. We were gone for 35 minutes! About a block away from home she said she was tired:)

Monday, August 19, 2013

Evening bike ride.

Chloe rides her bike like a pro now. All she wants to do is go on bike rides.

Ps, she's had and worn these sun glasses since she was 1yo. Coop tried them on Elton John style;)

My little artist!

Today Chloe make art work for all of her friends that she'll see this week. She's so sweet:)

Sweet corn season!

Chloe loves her sweet corn! It's so good this season. She was so kind to share it with Cooper for his first taste of corn on the cob. He liked it too:)

Sunday, August 18, 2013

A million thanks....

To my sister for everything she did this weekend. It was very stressful to take Cooper in for surgery and knowing that Brigett was here to take care of Chloe was such a huge relief. Cooper was able to get some much needed rest and Chloe had an absolute blast being with you. She had so much fun at the mall, at the park, going on bike rides, to the fair, to a friend's birthday party and having slumber parties. The help with cooking, cleaning, bath time and emotional support kept me at home instead of being shipped off to an institute!

Thanks to all our family and friends for words of encouragement, support, love and prayers.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Happy birthday grandma Smith!

We love you!

Post surgery.

Coop's surgery was a success! He is so tired and very sore/in pain. Please keep the prayers flowing. We all need some rest around here.

Cooper's surgery.

Cooper is having surgery right now this morning. Please say a prayer for him during this time for a safe surgery and fast and painless recovery. Thank you. He looked way too cute in his hospital gown.

Trip to the mall!

Yesterday we went to the mall for some back to school shopping. It was two adults and 4 kids, what a crazy afternoon!