Thursday, January 29, 2015

At the car wash....

Manual car washes Tuesday after school :-)

Wednesday after school!

Chloe had a park play date with one of her besties from school, Deakon :-) Deakon is adorable and so much fun and so sweet. I can see why she likes to play with him. And I love it that he was asking his mom to have a play date with Chloe :-) Chloe came home with his phone number in her pocket the other day, lol.

They had a blast and enjoyed the last warm winter day for a while. Deakon's older brother was there as was Cooper, they all had fun together. It was nice to meet his mom and get to know her and they live very close too.

Cooper smiled, laughed and screamed swinging in the big red swing! Like he was on a roller coaster, it was awesome :-)

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Good times :-)

Tuesday we had fun going to open gym with Stephanie and and TJ. Cooper was so happy that TJ was back home and off of the big boat :-) they went on a tropical cruise for a week! Then that afternoon we went on a play date to Kerry's house, thanks for having us over!

Today we went to the Ridge. Cooper loves that red car and gas pump :-) and TJ and Cooper held hands a couple times at the Ridge! How absolutely adorable and sweet is that???!!!

After the Ridge we had an impromptu lunch play date with Stephanie and TJ. It was so nice to catch up with each other and the boys played so nice together. It was a fun afternoon :-)

Cowgirl hat day at school :-)

The theme for the week is the Wild Wild West :-)

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Saturday game day!

We had a fun day getting together with family! Jason and the kids met up with Tyler and Nour for lunch. Then they all came home to watch the ISU game. Brigett and Steve were able to join us for the game and for the evening as well!

It was a fun day with lunch, snacks, drinks, a nail bitter of a game and lots of playing :-)

Thanks for coming over and spending the day with us! We had a fun time :-)

Family game night on Friday!

Playing downstairs.

Cooper still loves this ball popper! This toy has been played with by Chloe and now even more so by Cooper. He's growing up so fast. He can count to 13!!!

Snuggles with my girl :-)

Big boy!

Got his books checked out and he's ready to go! :-)

Cooper in a box :-)

This boy....

melts my heart! He's holding my hand while watching cartoons :-)

Wednesday, January 21, 2015


This morning we went to the Ridge, enjoyed lunch break with daddy and now Cooper is eating an ice cream cone while I'm wearing my robe over my clothes to keep me warm :-)

Playing outside!

The kids had fun playing outside after school on Tuesday. It was so great to burn off some energy and get some fresh air!

Tuesday walk.

We enjoyed our walk to pick up Chloe from school yesterday!

Snuggles :-)

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

38 years!

Happy Birthday to Jason (yesterday)!! He was such a good sport about the day. He had to work while a lot of people were off of work and out of school. But I did manage him lunch and we got to eat together :-) and when he came home to his wife with vertigo and a daughter that was vomiting, we quickly changed or dinner out plans to getting pizza at home :-) But I did manage to make him a cake! It was a guys night, they partied hard;)

Monday, January 19, 2015

Home improvement!

Our bedroom is updated! Thanks to mom and dad for the new bedding and gift card to Sherwin Williams for my Christmas present! Jason also bought a new ceiling fan, curtains and candles. Between my interior decorating and Jason's labor skills, our room looks fantastic! While it's fun for me to shop and pick out new colors and furnishings, I know it's not quite as much fun for Jason to do his part. Thank you very much dear husband for working all weekend on our room, it looks amazing!!!

Saturday night!

Brig made a yummy dinner for everyone and Steve kept the drinks flowin in the fox hole. We had a great night watching the IA State game. The kids had a blast playing all night long. The girls were so creative with their playing, reminded me of my childhood. They played barbies, hide the lip gloss, jumping through the hula hoop, diving onto the bean bag chair, it was awesome!

Thanks for another fun night!

Steve and Brig

The couple that jumps together, ices their backs together, just kidding, they did great and had a lot fun :-) Thanks for including us on this fun afternoon! Can't wait to go again!

Chloe at Sky Zone

Chloe put all her tumbling skills to use doing flips and tucks :-) their friends had a 7yo daughter, Tally, that Chloe clicked with right away. They're jumping together with Aunt Brigett behind them.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Saturday Sky Zone!

We went to sky zone with Brig, Steve and their friends on Saturday afternoon. The kids had a blast. Cooper jumped round and round on the kids court :-)


Friday evening we tried out a new froyo, Yumz. Chloe likes it, can you tell;)

Calling it a night!

I love this pic of Stephanie! She's missing a glove but gained a sparkly hat, lol :-)

We safely made it home via cab but unfortunately that could have been that cabbies last night on the job because I'm sure we were super annoying, lol!

This was a birthday celebration going down in the books! I celebrated with old friends and new friends but all of these ladies I am happy to call my girl friends!