Tuesday, June 28, 2016

The little things :-)

Now that the dog days of summer are here and since Jason's working long hours, I've been going on my runs at night after we put the kids to bed. Therefore I don't need to wear my sunglass. But now I'm getting bugs in my eyes:( Jason is so thoughtful and a fixer and brought me home safety glasses, problem solved! Thanks Jason, you're the best!

Zoo day Monday!

We had a great and full day at the zoo with the Fallon's on Monday! Thank you so much to gramma and papa Kneifl for the pass for Cooper's birthday! We will get a lot of use out of it:-)

Water park fun!

We spent Sunday afternoon at the water park with the Fallon's! It was a warm day and we had a great time cooling off in the water!

Birthday party weekend!

Gramma and papa Kneifl stayed the weekend with us and we had a great time celebrating gramma's birthday! We enjoyed a yummy pizza party, quenching drinks, laughs and a trip to the park with the kids. Thanks for visiting! And happy birthday gramma :-)

Music in the square!

The kids ended up hitching a ride :-) thank you to aunt Brigett for spoiling the kids! Chloe loved creating her elephant t-shirt! She finished it on Saturday and it turned out so cute! And Cooper loved his brownies and Chloe is dreaming of more ice cream cones! Us adults enjoyed the food truck, beer tent and even sang along to the band by the end of the night :-) Thanks for such a fun evening!

Friday night fun!

Friday night was so much fun! We went to Brig and Steve's to enjoy a cocktail and snacks before the music in the square. And it ended up being comedy central! The bottle of wine was giving us a very hard time and took Steve, Jason and a drill for the cork to come out! But it was well worth it :-) Then Chloe and Cooper went garage sale-ing and scored big time!  And Steve was ingenious and used his dolly to haul the chairs and smuggle more wine in for us :-)

Friday at the mall.

I had to pick up my jewelry from the mall and we decided to make a fun day of it. We stopped at the jewelry store and I'm so happy to have my rings back and actually fitting :-) then we had a yummy lunch at Panera. Followed by a little shopping and finally playing at the play ground. Chloe took this pic of Cooper :-) Chloe wanted to shop till she dropped but Cooper was in torture with the little shopping we did. I see a girls trip in our future :-)

Happy birthday to gramma Kneifl!!!

Friday was gramma's birthday and look at the cute pic I was able to send her :-)

Proud smile!

Chloe and Cooper completed their two weeks of swim lessons on Thursday morning. I am proud to say that they both passed!!! Great job kids!

New helper!

Cooper and Chloe are so used to playing together and Chloe found her role, the helper! Chloe hid all the surprise eggs while they waited on the stairs Thursday at our play date :-)


We've spent the past two weeks doing swim lessons in the morning and swimming with friends in the afternoon!

Orange leaf!

We cashed in on the library rewards and got free fro yo! Yummy!!!

Boating with friends!

We finished out father's day with an afternoon on the lake with the Vossbergs! We have so much fun boating with them and are so thankful that they invite us out!

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Outdoor kids!

Happy Father's Day!!!!

We had such a fun weekend camping with the Petersen's and DeVos'! And I think we took our family Christmas card picture on the last day, lol :-)

Happy Father's Day to Jason! And happy father's day to my dad, father in law Tim, brother Rich and brother in law Steve, and brother in law Todd, you're all so important and loved by our family! Hope you all enjoyed your day!!!

Camping fun!

More fun playing, crafting, tractor rides and yummy ice cream :-)

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Saturday swim!

Cooled off in the indoor pool before lunch!

Craft morning!

Saturday morning Brig successfully created the adult craft and brought one back for the older girls :-) then the kids had their turn with cowboy/sheriff hats!

Camp ground kids!

Friday late afternoon we joined the Petersen's as their guests at Cutty's for a weekend of camping! They get creative in the outdoors and were bobbing for ice cubes, lol!

Library summer reading program.

The kids earned their first prize, it was a water bottle, a free orange leaf, and a pass to the zoo! What a great program with fun incentives! Chloe checked out a Schnoodle book :-)

Swim lessons

They ask the parents to sit to the sides so we aren't distracting so I don't really get any good pics. But I'm so pleased at what a good listener Cooper is during lessons because I've seen some others that don't follow direction so well, lol. And he's having so much fun playing the haves and learning swimming basics.

Chloe continues to work on her strokes. She does great at the elementary back stroke, one that I always felt was difficult.