Thursday, September 29, 2016

Tree pose :-)

The kids were playing all sorts of imagination today after school. I caught them meditating and doing yoga :-) gosh they are the best!

New swings!

For our cousins play date we took a walk to the park on this gorgeous day! The kids were fans of the new swings :-)

Seven years ago!

Omg, this pic popped up on my history on Facebook. It was taken seven years ago. I remember it clearly. I took Chloe to the Denver zoo with my mom's group. Chloe was only eleven months old. Now she's a month shy of turning eight!!! How can that be???

Story time!

The boys wanted to go to story time again this week after we walked Chloe to school :-) Then they had fun playing at house. I'm so glad Evan gets to hang out with us while Kerry goes to her daily radiation and appointments. Thank you all for continuing to pray for her.

Tuesday at the park!

Another fun group play date with everyone at the park after school. The kids enjoy getting together as much as us ladies do :-)


Fall is here and I love it! It's fleece and hat weather on the way to school!


Monday after they park I was driving Cooper to get his hair cut. He was talking about and asking if Evan got his hair cut at the same place. I told him no and that his dad cuts his hair at home. At that point he asked me to cut his hair at home. So that's what I did! He loves it too. Note to self, give a short hair cut at the beginning of summer!

Monday after preschool!

Another gorgeous day to play at the park with friends!

Saturday night friends!

We had the Fallon's over for dinner. They kids played great and even took a little time to chill out with a movie and I was able to snag a couple cute pics :-)

End of the day!

On the farm!


We enjoyed a nice little hike to the last 1950's farm.

1800's homes and 1900's farm work!

Cooper's fave part!

The tractor ride from the old town to the the old farms! The ride included going under the interstate!

More on the town.

I took a lot of pics, it was so fun :-)

Chloe's favorite part!

The one room school house! We learned that the girls sat on the right and the boys on the left. Unless they got in terrible then they switched sides.

Chloe was so funny this trip, she was asking lots of questions and taking about what she had learned in school. But she kept asking if this and that were what Jason and I experienced as kids, lol!

Bobbing for apples :-)

Apple bowling and making Apple cider!

The old town.

The kids had fun experiencing activities in the shops/businesses.