Thursday, July 28, 2016

Thursday kids!

We had fun having Brigett, Everlee and Eden over for a lunch play date! It was nice to play outside again without sweating :-)

Then we met up with the Fallon's for an afternoon park play date!

Wednesday fun with friends!

Wednesday morning we met up with the Fallon's and Sexton's for a park play date on a gorgeous day!

Then after lunch and tumbling for Chloe, us and the Fallon's went to the water park!

Where's Waldo???

I mean where's Charlie?!


Chloe pulled out her eighth tooth Tuesday night right after I tucked her in! I joked that she'd do nearly anything to stay up late and not go to bed including pulling her tooth out lol;)

Parents day!

Chloe saw on her calendar that it was parents day on Sunday and surprised Jason and I with these cards!!! A girl after my own heart, I love a thoughtful card from a very thoughtful little girl :-) such a sweetie!

Sheer Madness!

Cooper was asking to get his hair cut and to drive the motorcycle!!! This is huge given the struggle a haircut was for him. Tuesday he got a super cute summer cut and now Chloe is looking forward to getting a trim before school starts :-)

Then we had a fun afternoon playing at the Fallon house! Thanks for having us over!

Monday, July 25, 2016

Inside the Curious George event!

Chloe was the only one interested in the spaceship photo opp lol :-) that's my girl!

Zoo today!

The group, five kids and two moms! And a train ride :-)

Members Monday at the zoo!!!

We spent the entire day at the zoo today with the Fallon's! The weather was gorgeous and we had a fun time.

Girl time!

Chloe and I started a new night time routine. She gets to stay up a little later than Cooper because she's at a point where she simply doesn't need to sleep as long. So her and I get some special one on one time together. We decided to take Charlie for evening walks and it's quickly becoming our fave part of the night!

Flow Rider!

Chloe did the flow rider for the first time and rocked it! Kendra went first and that just reassured Chloe that she should try it too :-) I'm so proud of them for doing it, they hopped in line with the teenage boys and used all their bravery to try something new!

Cooper desperately wanted to try it too but only made it to the height requirement while standing on his tippy toys lol :-)

Saturday boating continued!

To our surprise we beached it right next to Emma, Chloe's bestie from school that moved after kindergarten. The girls reconnected right away and swam together all afternoon!

We had fun jumping off the boat, doing tricks and flips. Chloe even did a meditating jump :-) love her! 

Always a great time with the Vossbergs! Thanks for taking us out!

Water park fun!

On Sunday we met up with the Fallon's for an afternoon of aquatic fun! The girls had fun doing the diving boards, the log roll, lazy river and slides.

And with Jason there to watch Cooper, I was able to go on the slides with Chloe! We had so much fun together :-)

Boating with the Vossbergs!

Saturday we spent the entire day on the lake with friends! We had such a great time together. The kids love boating and it reminds me of how much family and friends fun we had growing up boating on the lake. 

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Too cool!

Thanks to Brig and Steve for bringing over some goodies tonight! Cooper got his very own pretzels :-) And Chloe (and the rest of us for that matter) got some amazing ice cream from Pickett Fences! Certainly cheered up this group!

Toilet bowl!

This is the face of a proud girl that went on the toilet bowl slide at the water park today for the first time! Chloe chooses bravery so often, I'm so proud of her strength!

Holding Eden!

We enjoyed a low key play date with Everlee, Eden and Brig today after vbs!

Dog pile!

And a dog pile to round out the evening! :-)

Love these girls!


These kids!

The Petersen's came over Wednesday evening to see us before leaving for Florida.

These five have so much fun together! Even a simple photo shoot turned into the giggle wars :-)