Sunday, September 27, 2015


Thanks again to aunt Brigett and uncle Steve got taking Cooper for his haircut Saturday morning! He's growing up and doing so well at the barbers. We appreciate this special activity you three have been doing together. He looks handsome as ever!

Friday evening family fun!

It was so nice out! Daddy grilled and we had so much fun swinging, jumping and being outside.


These aren't just the cutest little three year old buns you've ever seen. These are the cheeks of a boy that decided he was done with diapers!!!! I'm so proud of Cooper! He's doing a wonderful job and we're celebrating big time in this house! Woot woot party time! Can you tell I'm excited?;)

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Thursday change up.

We are so bummed that Everlee is sick, we hope she gets well soon.

We ended up playing play doh and hanging out in undies doing some potty training!!! 108th time is a charm, right???

Wednesday activities.

We enjoyed playing with friends at the Ridge. Followed by a trip to the store with a request to see the fish. Cooper's fave fish was the gold fish :-) Then that evening we had our friends over for a play date!

Pirate park!

Tuesday afternoon we meet up with our friends at the pirate park in Altoona. We went there two years ago and decided to go there again and Cooper loved it! He thought the pirate ship was the best thing ever and didn't want to leave :-) there were also big hills to climb up and roll down!

Zoo trip!

We enjoyed the afternoon with our friends at the zoo! Gorgeous day spent with friends!

Monday morning!

I really missed Cooper over the weekend and he must have missed me too because our morning was filled with the happiest snuggles ever :-)

Painting for a cause.

Sunday evening my sister and I went to a fundraiser painting class. Thank you to Stephanie for giving Brigett your spot that you couldn't use. Some of use chose our own color pallet and the last pic is off the example painting that we worked from. It was a fun experience and one I'd do again :-)

The fundraiser is for a friend of mine who's 3 year old daughter Olivia (same age as Cooper) who was diagnosed with leukemia this summer. She is doing chemo now and will continue the treatments for two years. 

I met Emily and her daughter three years ago this new years eve at a mom's group play date, since then we both attended the Ridge on Wednesday's for two years and Emily and I both started mops last year at the same time. All of this has stopped for them because of the risk of catching germs.

While we were there having fun and painting, it wasn't ever forgotten why we were there, for sweet little Olivia and her parents. They are the most appreciate, humbled, thankful, sincere family. Please include them in your prayers.

It pains me to see cancer in so many lives. My sister is a cancer survivor and I'm so lucky to be able to say that. My mother in law in now dealing with cancer and we continue to pray for her and everyone in the family during this time. And dear Olivia and all the other children and people out there with cancer,I pray that there is a cure.

Boys weekend!

Daddy and Cooper took a road trip after work on Friday to Storm Lake to visit gramma and papa Smith! Daddy didn't take any pics but I got these from Jackie :-) These boys didn't tell me much about their trip but from what I did hear they were very happy to spend time with gramma at the nursing home and were able to help papa with a couple things around the house. They enjoyed going out to eat and visiting with friends. Cooper even made a new friend Clara :-) , Jackie's daughter, she was born one day before Everlee.

We were very happy to have then come back home Sunday evening! We missed them.

American Girl Cooking Class!

Saturday morning we continued our girls weekend with a trip to Williams Sonoma for a cooking class that gramma and papa Kneifl bought got forChloe! She's been looking forward to this forever :-)

The group made a veggie dip, with veggies, sandwiches, Blondie bars and apple juice. Chloe ate everything!!! The teacher also made lemon bars and Chloe gave that too me, yummy! Chloe had a wonderful time and was very proud of her new cooking skills. They were given gift bags as well, in them were sandwich cutters that Chloe used the next day making and cutting her own sandwich for lunch. This class is really paying off!

Thank you so much for the gift, we had such a fun time!

The rest of the day was spent at the mall shopping for birthday present because it's only a little over a month away :-) and since shopping works up an appetite, we enjoyed going out to Mexican! Chloe also requested hot chocolate by the fire again Saturday night:-)

Chloe and I also did ride-runs together Saturday and Sunday! She rode her bike along my side while I ran, we went three miles each day!

Chloe is so much fun and I completely enjoyed our girls weekend together and look forward to many more special memories shared with my daughter.

Girls weekend!

Chloe and I had such a special girls weekend together. It was so awesome to spend such quality time alone with Chloe. It was such a great reminder at what a smart and caring girl she is and how blessed I am to be her mom.

Chloe knows how have fun too! Our highlights from Friday include going out to supper at Noodle Zoo, then shopping for birthday present ideas, Chloe couldn't resist a pair of cat ears headband that she bought with her own money :-) popcorn and treats to go along with a movie at home, capped off with hot chocolate by the fire!

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Copy cats or besties?

Probably a little of both and it's adorable :-) They are so busy, I can only really get a pic when they intentionally sit down.

School picture day!

Thursday was first grade school picture day. Chloe looked so perfectly herself, Descendents dress, purple hair and full of smiles :-) so gorgeous!

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Ridge on Wednesday!

This is our third year of going to the Ridge and it's still fun for everyone! Cooper actually sat through story time and did the craft! He picked out four markers, all shades of blue and colored all the farm animals blue and was so happy and proud :-) What a cutie.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Park play date!

We met up with our friends at the park for a lunch play date. It was gorgeous out and a great way to spend the afternoon hours :-)

Early morning bike ride.

Cooper was so excited about his new bike that we went on an early morning pajama bike ride after dropping Chloe of at school today :-) but he has the need for speed just like some other family members and took a big fall rounding the corner going about 80mph, skinned up his nose and one knuckle:(

Pedal bike.

Cooper is so good at his balance bike and really wanted a bike with pedals. Daddy put him on the green bike from papa and gramma Kneifl and he was able to go about four pedals with out training wheels but it's still a bit big for him and he'd tip over. So yesterday I bought a small used buzz light year bike with training wheels and he's so happy and good at it! He rode his bike all evening and night long :-)

Boys day at the zoo!

We took the boys to the zoo for the day. It was gorgeous weather spent with fun friends. It's such a different experience to just take the boys while the girls are at school. It's so fun to watch Cooper interact with his friends :-)