Monday, March 28, 2016

Vet appointment.

Thursday Cooper and I took Charlie to his vet appointment. He's seven pounds, that's about double what he weighed when we got him a little over a month ago! He's supposed to double his weight again to be full grown. 

We love Charlie so much and he's such a fun addition to they family. It makes me so proud when family and friends tell me what a good puppy he is, how well trained he is and when they just want to take him home because he's so adorable :-)

Thursday Easter egg hunt!

Cooper and I brought some eggs over to our Thursday play date at Everlee's house. They had fun and it's so cute watching them play together :-)

Tuesday group.

We had a fun play date at the park with our family and friends!

Grocery list.

As I went shopping last week I found another list item Chloe added to the very bottom :-) she is the sweetest.


We spent the rest of the week in Storm Lake with family. The services for Janet were perfect. Beautiful, peaceful and just how she would have wanted them.

Thank you so much to all of our family and friends for your support.

Thanks to Brigett and Steve for taking the kids out and about to the water park and out to dinner. And for having Cooper overnight two nights. It's hard to grieve when taking care of little ones. And with your help Jason and I were able to focus on the services and have our own emotions during that time. You both truly helped us out so much and we're so thankful.

Thank you to my parents for visiting the house and bringing treats. And to my mom for having Chloe overnight and helping to take care of her the day of the funeral. Your support is appreciated so much. Chloe loved spending the night with you during this difficult time.

Thanks to the Kneifl and DeVos families for the beautiful memorial stepping stone.

Thank you to all our friends for the cards, money, gift cards, messages, phone calls, plants, flowers, food, dinners, and help with the kids. Your gestures really helped us get through this past week.

We love you all very much!


Wednesday morning we left for Storm Lake to say our final goodbyes to gramma Smith. It's been an incredibly rough and sad past six months. And even though we knew this day was coming it didn't make it a smidgen easier.

Explaining illness, dying, and heaven to Chloe and Cooper was difficult but they helped me through the process just as I was helping them understand. They helped me keep it simple. They helped me remember that we'll always have gramma Smith in our hearts. That we should focus on the memories we have with her. To think about the good times, the years and years we shared together the most instead of the last few months of pain and suffering that were so hard for all of us. To continue to tell stories of her. Talk about what made her special and how she made us feel special. To cry when you're sad. And to lean on our family when we need support.

After gramma passed away I took the kids and puppy to the lake. We went to the stairs, one of my favorite places to go as a kid, and listened to the waves, skipped rocks, and collected seashells for a couple hours. Gramma and God gave us the most incredible sunshine through the clouds and gorgeous sunset! It was beautiful. We felt some peace and was just what we needed after an incredibly emotional day.

Orange leaf treat!

When daddy got home from work we went to Orange Leaf and Chloe treated us with her birthday gift card, Chloe is so generous :-)  I got pistachio fro yo, it was amazing! Doesn't sound very good but it was!

Spring break play date!

Tuesday we went to cousin Everlee's house for a play date on that rainy day. Chloe loved playing with her Calico Critters :-) Cooper and Everlee spun in the chair, gave me a massage in the massage chair and all sorts of other activities :-) such a fun afternoon together!


The Monday of spring break I took the kids to the movies! We used Chloe's winning movie ticket too :-) they loved the movie Zootopia, it was really cute! We had a great time together :-)

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Playground for kids!

This morning I took the kids and one of Chloe's friends to meet up with Brig and Everlee for a morning of fun, running, jumping and sliding!

Afterwards we meet up with the guys at home, had lunch and the kids played all afternoon.

Then when they left, all three of them, Chloe, Cooper and Charlie crashed!!! Or should I say the four of us, I was worn out too :-)

First day of spring break!

We had our first fire of the year Thursday night by Chloe's request :-)

Friday MOPS was having a park play date instead of the traditional meetings since it was the start of spring break. We met up with friends there and even took Charlie! He warmed up quickly to the kids and the chaos and got adorned with all sorts of love and affection :-) Chloe was so responsible with him and really impressed me by the way she took care of him! After that was lunch and ice cream on the patio!

Then Friday we went to Old Chicago for dinner and got to use a pizza raffle prize Chloe won at fun night at school, yummy!!! And of course followed by another fire before bed :-)

What a great start to the break!

Walk to school pick up!

Charlie was so nervous to go on a walk to pick up Chloe from school. Cooper and I took turns carrying him all the way there.....and back!

Tuesday park play date!

Another gorgeous day spent outside with friends and family! Bring it on spring!

Innate wrestling in these two boys!

Monday play date!

What a fun and gorgeous day spent together!

Sunday day 2!

They nailed it again! They showed huge improvement for the season, made trusting friendships, had fun and so much more! Second awards ceremony and brought in another fourth place. Couldn't be any more proud!!!


They are seriously so good!!!