Saturday, April 30, 2016

Poor Charlie Boy.

Charlie had his surgery Friday morning. Everything went well and now he has to take pain meds and wear a cone for a week! He is not happy about the cone but is handling it pretty well.

Cute cousins!

Cooper wore this mask for so long and could barely see out of it, had us laughing hard :-) And does it get any cuter sitting together for snack time??? I don't think so!

Can't get enough.

I want to sit on your lap. It never gets old. Love this boy!

Wednesday fun!

Cooper was so happy to have TJ come with us for some fun on Wednesday! We started off with going to the ridge, then lunch at home, followed by taking Charlie to get his first haircut and looking at all the animals at least two times each :-) then a trip to target where they picked out adorable new shades :-) The boys were awesome and we had a great time together!

Free fro yo!

Tuesday was free fro yo in exchange for telling the cashier what makes you special! Cooper said he is funny :-) Chloe said she is smart!

Caden's birthday!

We enjoyed a fun birthday party play date Tuesday at back yard adventures! Happy birthday to Caden, so happy to have you as a friend!

Tee ball.

They looked so cute in the helmets! Having fun playing tee ball on a play date Monday :-)

Too cute.

Big Creek!

After Jason worked his side job on Sunday we took the fam to big creek for a  picnic and playing in the sand and water. The kids and puppy had so much fun!

Great Plains 10k!

I ran my first 10k on Sunday with Stephanie! The weather was perfect. The route was awesome. And it was so fun starting and crossing the finish line with my bestie! And to top it off we placed 2nd and 3rd in our age group and received plaques! Our time was 58:35!

Monday, April 25, 2016

Productive and fun Saturday!

Saturday Jason had a side job that kept him busy all day. So us the kept busy enjoying the weekend. Some highlights include:

Crafting, a seven year old in 2016 makes emoji art work!

Chloe also had cheer try outs for the upcoming 2016-2017 cheer season! She did great and we're looking forward to the start of a new year beginning May 9th!

We visited the Oscar Meyer Weiner :-)

I won a gift card at MOPS to Z'mariks. So we enjoyed going out to eat when daddy got home :-) ps kids eat free on Saturday so that was a bonus!

The kids picked out cute and yummy cookies for dessert!

We went on a neighborhood walk, it was a gorgeous weekend!

Cooper and daddy worked on their mowers.

Then we went to the park and Chloe put on her own cheer routines :-)

What a fun day together!

Friday night!

We enjoyed a fun pizza party at the P's! Then we went to the neighbors for a fire pit and lots of playing outside. Thanks for having us over, it was great! Chloe took the pics for the night:-)


I've had so much fun attending MOPS and Cooper can say the same thing :-) Friday we made homemade spice rubs for grilling. I made one for Brig and one for me :-) the container is so cute too.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Wacky Thursday

These two are so busy on their play dates. Some of the fave games that get played weekly are the coveted surprise egg hunt, spinning each other in the office chair, while simultaneously giving me a painful chair massage (mostly Everlee's doings, lol) and today was a new one with smelling each other's feet and passing out, lol! So hilarious!


With all this rain Cooper is happy to use his umbrella but in this particular picture it was to keep the sunshine out of his eyes lol!

4 months

Charlie is four months old :-) and had another vet appointment today. He's up to a whopping 8.6lbs :-) these shots made him tender and he whines when picked up or touched on a sensitive spot:(poor buddy. But still in good health and a joy to the family.

Dance class!

Chloe went to "bring a friend to dance" with one of her besties from school, Karli. Chloe had so much fun! She thought that dance was hard and that Karli was really good :-) I thought that was cool to hear because Karli tries to do cheer or tumbling when playing with Chloe but she got to really shine during this play date :-) they even took Chloe out to eat which Chloe thought was awesome. Then Chloe continued to dance for an hour when she got home :-) good times.

Sunday afternoon.

Jason and Cooper enjoyed a delicious lunch at the DeVos house while we were at the banquet. They also got to enjoy the gorgeous afternoon at the park and Cooper was even flying his own new kite :-) thanks for the pics gramma k!

End of the year cheer banquet!

Sunday afternoon Chloe and I attended her cheer banquet. It's always a nice event and great closure to a fun year. This was Chloe's third year of cheer with Koach and she is so committed and loyal and says that she'll always be a cheer leader and even talks about becoming a coach :-) It's these kinds of friendships, mentors, life lessons and good times that I love to have when raising my daughter. I'm looking forward to another season and more great times!

And of course Chloe enjoys being in cheer with Hannah but I've had so much fun being a cheer mom along side with Stephanie :-) It's going to be so sad and different not having her here next year. But I find great joy in our cheer mom picture and our cheer mom picture out take that Chloe so perfectly captured :-)