Thursday, November 27, 2014

Let it snow!

Wednesday the kids helped daddy shovel the patio while he snow blowed the driveway. They had a blast playing in the snow together :-)

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

1st day of Thanksgiving break!

We had such a fun day at the Science Center today with the Petersen's!!! It seems like it's been so long since us two mom's and all five kids met up for a play date. What a wonderful way to start off the holiday break!

Thank you to gramma and papa Kneifl for renewing our family membership to the SCI and to the zoo for Christmas! We're already enjoying it :-)

Back in the saddle again.

Although Cooper is still on his antibiotic for his ear infection, he was ready for some activities this week.

Monday we enjoyed the library and story time with Stephanie and TJ. We had a play date for Chloe at Hannah's house after school!

Tuesday we had a fun morning at open gym with Stephanie, TJ, Kerry, Evan and Kaitlyn.

And Tuesday afternoon Stephanie,TJ and Ava came over for a play date! And Chloe had cheer practice like usual.

So much fun to see friends again :-)

Evening snuggles.

Having their nighttime snack and watching a movie. They get sweeter by the day.

2 weeks!

That's how long I challenged Chloe to stop biting her finger nails! She did it and got to have a special giraffe mani :-) she said she's up for the challenge for another two weeks too!


This is the way Cooper eats his veggie nuggets, lol!

Can't handle the cuteness!!!

Cooper put his arm around Chloe, they giggled, smiled and by some miracle,I got it on camera!

Saturday, November 22, 2014


So much fun for everyone! Way to go Chloe, you are a natural! Smart, athletic and fearless :-)

When we were walking back to our seats, Chloe told me that after spending the last two days at IA State, she thinks she'd like to go to college there. :-) But then she asked where do the college kids live. I explained (poorly) that they live in small rooms, in a large building like an apartment building. She said she'll just live at home with us, lol! Cousin Tyler, I think we're going to have to give Chloe a tour one of these days to clear things up for her!

220 kids performed!!!

Ready for half time!

Chloe was so excited to get to go on the field and perform the cheer routine at half time off the ISU football game! They look adorable :-)

Game time!

This was our first family football game and we had a blast! Chloe stuck by uncle Rich :-) and Cooper was amazed by the live football game :-)

But first things first!

Tailgating!!! Tree climbing! And stomping on cans! Thanks to uncle Rich for having us over to join in on the fun :-)

Ready for the big game!

This morning Chloe was ready for the ISU football game! Just waiting for daddy to get home from work.

ISU Spirit Day Cheer Clinic!

Friday night Chloe got to spend the evening with some of her cheer friends at the ISU cheer clinic. They learned a cheer and dance routine and had a blast! She also had a fave cheer leader, Mia :-)

Mail at school on Friday!

Thank you to aunt Brigett and uncle Steve for the mail Chloe received at school! :-)


School on Friday

It was a big, eventful, reading day at school on Friday so the kids got to bring their favorite stuffed animal with them to snuggle. Of course Chloe brought furball :-)

Thursday, November 20, 2014

The after.

Well playing with his cousin sure took it out of him. Coop feel asleep ten minutes before we needed to leave to pick up Chloe. Surprisingly he stayed asleep through the transition to the car seat.

Cousins :-)

After four days of being at home and resting this ear infection out, we took a little trip to visit cousin Everlee! They were adorable like usual and it certainly brightened Cooper's spirits.

This week.

Cooper has an ear infection and it's getting the best of him. He just wants to stay in his jammies, watch movies and says "mommy sit with Cooper". It breaks my heart to see him in pain. He hasn't wanted to go to any of our regular weekly activity that he's usually so excited about. I would appreciate if you would keep him in your thoughts and prayers.