Monday, August 31, 2015

Saturday night lights!

Saturday evening we had a great time grilling out, playing outside with the neighbors and doing sparklers :-) I laughed hard at the sight of Brooklyn's huge sparkler! The kids had a blast.

Picture time :-)

Friday morning we had a fun play date with Stephanie and TJ. How fun and simple to get just that boys together to play. Thanks for having us over!

Saturday we went furniture shopping and they had some fun photo props through out the store :-)

Thursday fun!

Chloe was ready and adorable for her second day of school! Cooper was tired and needed some snuggle time :-)

Then we had a fun lunch play date with Everlee and Brigett! A different dynamic with just the two toddlers but still a great time together!

Back to one!

Wednesday morning after drop off,a group of moms met at the park for a play date. The kids played and the moms chatted about the first day of school. Cooper had so much fun playing, there were a ton of boys around his age! The weather was gorgeous and it's always nice to chat with other moms.

Cooper did miss his sister and gave her a huge hug at pick up :-)

First day of 1st grade for Chloe!!!

How is this even possible??? First grade sounds so much older than kindergarten! Wednesday of last week was the first day of school for Chloe. She was so super excited :-) She had her new outfit on,a Descendents dress and jacket complete with her purple hair! She also picked out a fox backpack, fox lunch box and fox hand sanitizer. She has her signature style down at age six,I love it!

Daddy is so awesome, he came home from work and walked Chloe to school. Chloe knows how important family is and it was a prefect family walk to her first day.

Chloe was catching up with her girlfriends upon entering the classroom :-) a couple pictures, hugs and kisses and that was it. So much easier (for me) than last year.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Time for a treat!

Tuesday evening we went to Orange Leaf for some froyo to celebrate the end of summer break and celebrate the start of a new school year. Chloe poured her own and added all the toppings! She used to like plain froyo, no toppings ever. Well that changed to all the toppings :-) it was fun to see her put it all together and enjoy her treat :-) Cooper of course got chocolate fudge brownie with m&ms sprinkled on top :-)

Last day of summer break!

Tuesday morning we meet up with our friends, for a total of four moms and ten kids, at one of our fave parks Walker Johnston, for a play date and picnic. It was such a gorgeous day! We played for nearly four hours! It was awesome to catch up with my friends and to watch the kids having so much fun together. I loved watching the kids roll down the hill,I remember loving that as a kid :-)

Meet the teacher night!

Monday evening we all walked to school to get Chloe rest for her first grade school year. We met and like her teacher Mrs Ausenhus :-) Chloe said hi to all her friends and gave dinner girlfriends hugs, put away all her school supplies, found her desk and chair and she sits next to a friend she had in class last year so that was exciting for her. Then mid way through our time there, Chloe turned to me and said "ok I'm really excited for school to start,I wish today was Tuesday"! That made me very excited for her:-)

Zoo trip on Monday!

We had a great time going to the zoo on Monday together! Some highlights include riding the carousel, driving the truck, riding the train, and for an extra special treat, getting ice cream! I really had a wonderful time with my kids, knowing this was one of our last days of summery break together, it really was special :-) I love the pic of them giving me kisses on my cheek, my heart melted.

Snus Winery!

Sunday afternoon we meet up with Nrig and Steve at our fave winery to cap off Steve's birthday week! The music was good, the kids made lots of friends and played well all afternoon, the kids danced and were adorable, and the wine a flowin! Thanks so much for the celebration, we had a great time! So many laughs when we get together,I love it!

Paging Dr Smith!

Chloe played at Brooklyn's Sunday and her mom sent me this cute photo :-)