Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Trick or Read!

Tonight after cheer we went to the library Halloween event! We've been going for years and is a favorite of ours. Chloe enjoyed the crafts and movie the most. While Cooper enjoyed walking around getting the treats the most. We saw lots of friends and enjoyed another holiday festivity!

Our walk to pick up sister.

On the way to and from school Chloe walks beside me, holds my hand and she chats non-stop about all things important in her 5 year old life. It's absolutely adorable and probably two of my most favorite parts of the day. When school started she was riding in the double stroller but that only lasted a couple weeks tops. I'm so happy for the change.

Cooper rides in the stroller on the way to school and relaxes/wakes up. On the way to pick up, he usually drives the blue car. But lately he wants to push it himself! That's a pretty good round trip for his little stride!

Loving our daily walks together!

Keep sake.

There were professional photographers at Jason's work party a few weeks ago and of course I took advantage of that :-) The photo came in the mail today. It turned out great, I'm so happy!

Monday, October 27, 2014

Pow Princess!

Here are some pics from last week when Chloe earned pow princess! She was stoked :-)

Dress rehearsal!

Tonight Chloe had dress rehearsal at the gym! Daddy, Cooper, Aunt Brigett and I all went to watch and support or little cheer leader :-) Chloe's doing a great job and we're very proud of her. The team looks great! We're so excited for competition season to start! Sunday kicks it off officially, woot woot!

Seriously too cute!

Gosh they make my heart melt on a daily basis.

Lunch :-)

Cooper and I dining al fresco this glorious afternoon together!

Another Boo!

When we returned from the zoo we found that we got boo'd again at our back door! This is really making the kids excited :-)

Night Eyes at the Zoo!

Sunday afternoon we enjoyed a special trip to the zoo for their Halloween event. We ran into our friends and that made it even more exciting :-) The kids are having so much fun wearing their costumes and eating candy!

We got boo'd!

An anonymous friend left a bag of candy with a poem on our front porch Sunday afternoon! The kids thought this was so much fun and already have some friends they want to boo :-)

Fall Festival!

The blue truck and Queen Chloe had so much fun! They played all sorts of carnival games, won lots of tickets and turned them in for prizes!

They also enjoyed the bounce houses, popcorn and cotton candy, cookie decorating, craft making and treats!

Thanks for the fun afternoon Aunt Brig!

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Playing outside!

Thanks to the Devos family for having us over for lunch and fun! It was great to hang out with Andrea and Everlee as well! What a wonderful day with family!


The kids were all dressed up and ready for the fall festival in Polk City this afternoon!

Halloween party!

Friday night we enjoyed a fun, Halloween party with the cheer team. Coach Tori is pictured in the middle, she's such a wonderful coach! Thanks to the Petersen's for hosting!

Found some selfies!

Makes me smile:-)

Friday after school.

We had a fun time outside, it was gorgeous out! Chloe read me her poem, we played card games and the kids played in the backyard. What fun!