Monday, June 30, 2014

Saturday morning fun!

We had a fun time back at the playground Saturday morning. Then we went on a nature walk/ride on the trail around the lake. The kids had fun catching and releasing bugs. It was a gorgeous walk and morning!

My favorite part.

Saturday afternoon we went on a bike ride  on the trail by the lake. It was so much fun! Chloe rides her bike like a boss and tackled the hills with all her muscles. I'm so proud of her :-) Cooper absolutely lives riding with daddy. We found the beach and played around for a while, the kids thought that was amazing :-)

More fun.

Playing in the water, eating lunch, and playing in the rv :-)

Lake Anita!

We arrived at our camping spot in time for dinner. We had a great site with a wonderful view. The kids loved the playground and spent most of the evening playing there and with our neighbors. It was a great start to the weekend!

Sunday, June 29, 2014

We're off!

Friday afternoon we packed up and headed out for a family camping trip to Lake Anita! It's about an hour and a half from home. This was our first time we all rode in the rv together, it was awesome!

Friday morning reading.

I bet Cooper reads his truck books about 80 times a day :-)

Thursday lights out!

It surprises me how much Everlee likes to play in the dark. Cooper would follow her around with a flash light and they would laugh and explore. This was only the foreshadowing for the rest of the afternoon when we actually lost power for a couple hours! Cooper was afraid of the thunder big time, Chloe was afraid but trying to be tough and help calm Cooper down and Everlee was unphased by all of it! Such fun kids :-)

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Wednesday's are so fun!

Wednesday's we have lots of fun with our friends. We start the morning off with playing at the park. Then we go to the library and redeem prizes from the summer reading program. Then we have a Hannah over for lunch and sometimes Ava :-) then we go to their house to swim the afternoon away. Last night we went to Dairy Queen to cash in our ice cream treats, these are some of the prizes from the library. What a great day!

Tuesday night treats!

Happy Birthday Gramma K!!!

This was the best birthday photo I could get with these three kids on Tuesday, lol! Cooper and Everlee did not want to sit still for a photo and Chloe was all about it :-) Happy birthday gramma/mom!!! We love you xoxo!

Tuesday fun in the sun!