Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Merry Christmas!!!

Family photo style :-) Cooper still isn't comfortable with Santa, Chloe could talk to him all day, so that meant the whole family got in on the photo opp :-)

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Morning faces :-)

Water park!

Sunday morning the kids were ready to swim their little heats out! They had a blast and it was probably the most fun I've ever had with them at a water park/pool. Chloe is able to swim on her own, can touch the bottom, go down slides, she's so much fun to watch and we really enjoy playing in the water with her :-) Cooper was such a fish! He LOVED the big slide, we took him down until we were dizzy! He swims with his life jacket and smiles the entire time!

Thanks so much to gramma and papa Smith for the hotel room, we really appreciate it and had a great time!

I foresee a water park pass to the local pools for us this summer! What a fun time :-)

Smithmakah Saturday!

We had such a fun time out at Ted and Julie's farm! We enjoyed the annual adult gift exchange, board games, food, and drinks! We even won the team spirit award,a huge bin of popcorn, Chloe was so happy! :-)

I finally got to meet and hold (feed, rock to sleep and nap) baby Emery! She is just way too adorable!!! Congratulations to Colby and Katie on a beautiful little girl!

Fun Friday after Christmas!

Us girls went to the Polk City library for some movie time :-) while the guys opened up the Fox Hole! Thanks for another fun filled day with the family!

Christmas day!

Thanks Brig and Steve for having the whole family over! The food was delicious, the drinks were so tasty and the day and night was so much fun! Thank you to everyone for the generous gifts too. We had a blast!

Christmas morning!

Chloe got her American Girl Doll, Rose! And Cooper got Mater Tow Truck! They were so happy and it's so fun to see their eyes light up at the sight of the toy they've been dreaming of :-)

It was fun to have gramma and papa here to celebrate and spend special time together.

I also love the sunrise in the window behind Chloe :-)

Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Eve!

Chloe, Brigett and I attended Christmas Eve church. We even got to sit with our friends, the Petersen's, which makes the Christmas spirit more powerful when you're surrounded by family and friends all sharing in spirituality.

The service was so meaningful, reflective and made even more special with candlelight. I love the music, the love band and enjoy singing along.

This was a great kick start to the festivities we had at our home with our family. So much good food, good drinks, and adult conversations and laughter. The kids were running around, remote control airplanes were flying and the fun has just begun!

Birthday party!

Tuesday evening we had our annual birthday party with the Petersen's! It was so much fun to eat, drink and be merry with our best friends! It's fun to exchange birthday presents with Stephanie too:-) and its so much fun to just relax, let loose and have a good time. Thanks for having us over, it was awesome!

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Lovey Dovey!

Cooper was so affectionate yesterday! He smothered me in kisses, hugs, nuzzles, smiles and snuggles. It was awesome!

Before and after visiting Santa!

Cooper and Chloe LOVED this car! They have the need for speed,I think it runs in the family :-)

Art studio!

Monday the kid's enjoyed an open art studio at the library making Christmas art work :-)

Movie night!

Watching their favorite, Elf on the Shelf! So cute :-)

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Sunday afternoon shenanigans!

Baskets of fun! Bring on Christmas break!!!

Saturday night activities!

We went out to eat and celebrate daddy getting a promotion to a foreman position! Then we had a hilarious car ride through Jolly Holiday Lights! It was fun to have aunt Brigett join us in the festivities :-) 

The final stocking stuffer Saturday!

Super heros!!!

Oh my goodness, can they get any more adorable??!! Keeping away the bad guys and flying up up and away!

Fun Friday!

Friday evening we had the DeVos family over for a pizza party, drinks and mayhem :-) Thanks for coming over!

School party!

I had such a great time attending and helping out with Chloe's class holiday party on Friday! Thank you so much to Brigett for watching Cooper so I could go! I really appreciate all your help.

The kids decorated and ate cookies and juice, played marshmallow toss, made snowflake ornaments, and measured their height with candy canes.

Feeling better!

Thursday Chloe officially felt better! She was able to stop taking ibuprofen. She had a great day at school and energy for cheer :-)

Friday, December 19, 2014


Chloe drew this picture of Olaf at school and I think it's spot on! Great job Chloe :-)

Center Grove Christmas Craft!

Wednesday we were back in action! Chloe went back to school and tumbling :-) Cooper and I met to with our friends for a fun time at the orchard. They made a Christmas ornament, had story time, went on a scavenger hunt, enjoyed an Apple cider donut and Cooper's favorite was sitting in the sleigh behind the reindeer! What a cute activity!

After lunch we enjoyed a fun play date at the Petersen's! It was nice to catch up and be out and about again. Thanks for having us over :-)

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

My poor girl:(

Chloe didn't feel good this past weekend. While we were up in Minnesota she didn't have her energy, had a sore throat, wasn't eating our drinking much. But she hung in there all day and night waiting ever so patiently to open presents. As soon as presents were open she asked go to bed.

Then Sunday she had to miss her cheer Christmas party because she still wasn't feeling well.

Monday I was finally able to take her to the Dr and found out that she has strep throat and the flu:( 

She had to stay home from school and cheer yesterday and today. And with the help of the antibiotics and ibuprofen she is feeling better this afternoon. We have high hopes of her returning to school and tumbling tomorrow.

This is a picture of her going from the Dr to Walgreens, she couldn't even keep her eyes open:( I hate seeing her so miserable.