Saturday, December 28, 2013

We're still in the Christmas spirit at this house!


Play date with sweet Caroline today!

With all these toys in the house and new toys from Christmas, the kids preferred to play by climbing up and down the stairs, lol! Always a fun time with Jessica and Caroline:)

My sweet children.

Seriously it doesn't get any sweeter than this. After baths last night they sat together to watch a movie. It was so comfy in sister's arm that Coop fell asleep.

Playing in the snow!

Chloe loves the snow! She built Frosty all by herself, I was so impressed! She pulled Coop in the sled, made snow angels and had a snow ball fight with me that had us both in stitches.

Coop on the other hand hates the snow. He cried in the sled and cried standing in the snow. He finally was able to enjoy himself on the clean, dry patio. He laughed at our snow ball fight and even liked it when we threw snow balls near him.

Chloe and I are determined to make him our nature boy yet!

Cheer play date!

Chloe missed her cheer mates over the break and wanted to invite them over to play. They were so cute and had a fun time yesterday.Coop even got in in the fun of dress up and dancing:)

Christmas day!

Everyone in our family was on the nice list! Santa delivered presents from their wish lists. We had a wonderful day with family, eating, drinking, playing and putting together toys:)

Twister on Christmas Eve!

The family game this year was a Twister! A little bit of stretching, a couple of us changed into stretchy pants and there you have it, family fun! Papa took the last photo in case anyone was wondering:)

Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas Eve!

We had a very blessed holiday at Rich and Andrea's home. Our day was filled with health, laughter, great food and drinks, generous gifts and good times!