Wednesday, July 29, 2015


Today we had a fun play date with lots of friends swimming at Petersen's pool! The kids swam hard and had so much fun. Thanks for having us over!

Then Brigett and Amelia came over to play. Chloe and Cooper were so excited to have them both over to visit. They excitedly showed Amelia their rooms and all their toys:-) Cooper is four months older than Amelia, it was fun to see them play together.

This week activities!

The rain had us cooped up for a couple days. Monday we had the Petersen's over for an afternoon play date followed by cheer in the evening for Chloe. Tuesday we went to the science center with friends and had a great time. Chloe is old enough to do nearly everything on her own now. I still attend to Cooper very closely, it's big and he's fast :-) (That's why most of the pics are of Cooper.) After the SCI we went swimming at the Petersen's pool! And Jason took the kids to ice cream Tuesday night! What a fun couple days!


A couple cute pics from Stephanie of the girls at vbs last week :-)


Last week we had a girls night out to the movies. It was such a great time! We went to Flix and its my new fave movie theater. I'm so happy to be able to spend some time with friends. I'm not very good with balancing all the areas in my life and taking some "me time" has not been easy to do. Thanks to my hubby for encouraging my girls night and easily taking over the household by himself.

Selfie fun :-)

Sunday evening!

We were so happy to get to see gramma and papa after their motorcycle camping trip weekend with Brigett and Steve! Thanks for the dinner and drinks! It was so much fun to swap camping stories :-)

Sunday camping!

All the kids wanted to ride in the rv:-) What a cute group of kids!

Camping on Saturday!

It was a hot and humid weekend but we beat the heat with a sprinkler and baby pool. The kids then turned it into making mud puddles and getting mud baths! We also played at the play ground, lots of bike rides, getting inside to cool off with play doh, art work, and my fave glow stick dance party! What a fun weekend camping with friends!

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Walnut Woods!

Friday late afternoon we cruised in the ol' Winnebago to Walnut Woods to go camping with the Petersen's for the weekend! Gosh what a fun weekend! Some high lights from Friday are rollerblading, bike riding, water fights, camp fires, and outdoor movies with popcorn!

Back to it!

Thank goodness Everlee's nap time is back on track, we really missed or play date last week. The kids were so happy to see each other :-) I love these pics, first one Brig is paying the guitar and signing Ring Around the Rosie while the kids sing along and all fall down :-) and snack time cuties :-)


Wednesday was another fun summer day filled with vbs, boys play date, trip to the library and fun at the water park!

Boys play dates!

With the girls at vbs, we had play dates with the boys every day this week. That gave Stephanie and I the chance to get back to our running trades! It felt good to get my runs in during the morning and the boys loved playing together :-)


Monday and Tuesday afternoon we swam at the Petersen's pool and had a great time. Thanks for having us over :-)


Chloe started vacation bible school on Monday. It was every day from 9-12. This is her third year of attending and she absolutely loves this summer camp. From what I can tell during drop off and pick up, it's so much fun :-) arts and crafts, snacks, music, dancing and religious education. She was so happy to be in the same group with her bestie, Hannah! There were over 1,000 kids at the camp!


After the races we tried out a new Mexican restaurant in our neighborhood. It was good but we still like our old stand by, Cazador's. 

Then we hit up the water park for a fun evening of beating the heat. Chloe passed the swim test and got to put her name in the book! That means she gets to go off the low and high diving boards, the log roll, and the water slides. She was having so much fun and we were so proud of her. That girl is so brave!!!

Prairie Meadows

Last Sunday us and the DeVos family jumped into our car like a group of clowns and we headed out to the race track. Once a year they race zebras, camels and ostriches and we wanted to see! It was a fun experience! We saw several horse races and the zebra races but then we packed up and came home, it was just so hot and sunny for this fair group.

We joked about Brig just "rubbing Tyler's back and him falling asleep" while Cooper just chatted and chatted away on the car ride home, lol. I'm beginning to believe Brigett and how easy it was to put Tyler to sleep as a toddler, lol!

Apres the festival.

We were all so hot and tired we spent the rest of the evening inside cooling off. The kids were so funny giving us foot massages and boy were our feet moisturized, lol!