Monday, November 30, 2015

Smith Thanksgiving!

Thanks to Tyler and Rebecca for having us over Thanksgiving evening! We had a great time and shared lots of laughs :-)

We are so lucky to have our families live so close. It's wonderful to be able to spend the holiday with all of our families! We are so thankful for each and everyone of you!


Thank you to Brigett and Steve for hosting Thanksgiving! The food was so delicious and spending time as a family was everything we wanted and are thankful for. We are so blessed to have the close, loving family that we do.

It was a fun activity that Aunt Brigett had gingerbread houses for the kids to make. Chloe enjoyed making hers and it turned out super cute! Cooper and Everlee enjoyed eating the candy lol :-)

Pizza party!

Thanks to Rich and Andrea for having all of us over to kick start the holiday!

Playground for kids!

Wednesday after lunch we meet up with our friends at the playground. They played for three hours! So much fun!

Wednesday kids!

Wednesday morning we had a play date with the Petersen's! It was fun to have all five kids play together again :-) Stephanie and I enjoyed doing our running trades too. First day of break was off to a great start!

Water color!

Creating a little art on a cold morning :-)

Snow fun!

Cooper had TJ over to play in the remaining snow on Monday! They had fun and are excited for more snow to go sledding together:-)

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Sunday Sledding!

Daddy took the kids to go sledding at the park! They had so much fun! Experiencing the fun snow activities with our children make the Iowa winters bearable :-)

Cute boys!

A couple cute pics of the boys from a play date last week :-) Thanks Stephanie!

A fun day!

We had a great time with family and friends! These competitions turn into such a fun get together for all of us :-) Thank you to gramma and papa for treating all of us out to dinner afterwards! I could go for one of those margaritas right about now;)


Look at that extension, Chloe is so high! Makes me nervous but they do a great job!

More good ones!

I'm so impressed :-)

Action shots!

Chloe is a flyer on the far right stunt group! Thanks to another cheer mom for these awesome pictures :-)

Team Might!

The girls placed fourth out of four. They were so fun to watch! Chloe did an awesome job with her tumbling and stunts. Her stunt group was so strong, it was impressive! Great job girls!

Old Skool Trucking!

Thank you to gramma and papa and their business Old Skool Trucking, Inc for sponsoring Chloe and the Koach Gym this season! We're so grateful and proud to have your name on the back of the warm up shirts. Chloe thinks it's very cool :-)

Saturday Cheer Competition!

Saturday morning we all packed up and went to Omaha for Chloe's cheer competition! It was fun to have gramma and papa meet us there and support Chloe. It means so much to us to have you there, thank you :-)

First snow day!

Friday after school we got a few inches of snow and the kids were ready to go outside and play! They made snow angels, went down the slide, jumped on the trampoline, Chloe even did a back hand spring in full winter gear, lol :-) Then daddy took the kids on a sled ride around the neighborhood, they had so much fun and didn't want to stop for dinner!