Monday, February 29, 2016


Our couple pic didn't post from the previous blog about the wedding and I had to take a moment to post it again because we actually took a nice pic together! Chloe was our photographer :-)

Productive day for us!

Today was fun and jam packed. A couple high lights were taking the kids to their dentist appointment. They both have healthy teeth and are doing a good job brushing. Chloe always does so well at the visits, she continues to named me proud. And Cooper hopped up in the chair like a boss so the hygienist went for it with all the proper instruments!!! No more check ups with just brushing with a toothbrush. All the tools, floss and floride for both kids! Thankful for happy, healthy children!

Chloe also had her parent teacher conferences tonight and she attended and presented as well. She's doing so great at school! Huge improvements in all subject areas. I'm impressed by how much they learn in first grade, by how much the teacher do and by how much the students are responsible for. Chloe is a model student and we couldn't be any more proud of her hard work.

Sunday, February 28, 2016

First bath!

Ok so we probably should have bathed Charlie sooner. I mean I wash his feet after her plays outside because it's been so muddy. But holy moly, he looks like a brand new puppy!

Chloe thought he was adorable soaking wet and thought he looked like an old man :-)

Charlie didn't like the bath but seemed to like the blow dry, probably warmed him up faster.

I forgot to mention how much he's grown, when we got him he was 3#9oz at 8 weeks old. Now he's 5# and 11 weeks old!

Living room!

I'm in LOVE with the living room! The paint color is the perfect shade of grey. We updated the curtains, lamp shade, mirror over the couch and added a couple modern vases. Everything came together so well.

I don't know how we did it with two kids and a puppy but we pulled it off! I'm exhausted and I know Jason is too but it was well worth it. Awesome teamwork Jason, that's how we do it!

Bathroom update.

Jason and I painted the ceilings and walls to the bathroom, hallway and living room. I LOVE how the bathroom turned out.

Koach Sleepover!!!

Friday evening Chloe went to Lydia's house for a total team sleepover! Eleven of the 13 girls spent the night, bless Lydia's parents!

Chloe had the best time! And talked about it all weekend and wished it could have been a two night sleepover, lol!

On our way home she told me the funniest thing, she said, "that was way more funner than sleeping"! It's true, she took an afternoon, nap, rested for the evening watching a movie and was asleep by 7:30 :-)

Cheer brings so many positives to Chloe's life like learning about team work, hard work, determination, competition, perseverance, healthy outlets for her energy, exercise, physical fitness, friendships and so much more. These girls mean so much to Chloe. Chloe has always been a good friend and she truly exemplifies what it means to be a good friend and it feels so good to watch these friends replicate those qualities.

What a fun weekend! I'm feeling extremely thankful and blessed.

Is this February???

Friday was so gorgeous, we walked to pick up Chloe from school, well actually I walked and Cooper drove;)

First vet visit!

Cooper and I took Charlie to the vet, technically his second visit but first time for us taking him. I love our vet and her staff, they were awesome and made us all feel comfortable. Thankfully for us he's super healthy and came home with us but unfortunately for them they had to give him back, they really wanted to keep him longer and snuggle him  :-) only reaction was a little sleepier that night, how sweet is he?!

So many kisses!


This is pretty typical on how Cooper prefered to spend his time, right next to aunt Jenn and Charlie! I love this pic and the awesome relationship aunt Jenn has with Cooper and Chloe for that matter :-) Thanks for being there for all of us! 

Dancing machine!

Chloe danced all night long! Cooper hit the sack a little earlier. They are so similar but so different :-)

I enjoyed spending quality time with Tim and Janet that weekend. My thoughts and prayers are always with you both. My heart aches for both of you during this time but it also melts to watch your commitment, support and love you have for each other. Sending you both all my love.

Smith wedding!

Last week Friday we packed up and went to gramma and papa Smith's house! It was so great to spend time with them. We had such so much fun with Todd and Jenn that night, so many laughs, stories and good times made around their kitchen table:-)

Saturday we enjoyed Jason's cousin's wedding and reception. Jessy was one of the most beautiful brides I have ever seen, he dress was incredible! Congratulations to the newly weds and we're so happy to be a part of your special day!

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Hate mail.

While I was emptying the trash today I found this crumpled up in Chloe's garbage can. I vaguely remember the other day Chloe stormed to her room because she was upset with me and I'm pretty sure that's when she created the signage. I can't lie, it stung but it also made me laugh. Parenthood, you've got to be able to laugh about it!

Sick day Thursday:(

Unfortunately Cooper got sick in the middle of the night:( the only good thing was having a very low key day and lots of snuggles with Cooper today. Charlie must have needed some extra rest too because he was all stretched out napping on Cooper :-) that brought a huge smile to his face and mine too :-) we missed seeing Brigett and Everlee but look forward too seeing them next week.

Wednesday night snuggles :-)

Fun at the Ridge!

To my surprise Cooper was very interested in craft time.....well that's because it involved pretzels and marshmallows, lol!


These two are so adorable together but trying to get a pic when they both are still is impossible.

Play doh fun after school!

Playground for kids!

Tuesday we resumed our active play date at the playground with all our friends! The kids always want to play sit hockey and Stephanie treated the boys to a game! Cooper made all the points into his own goal, lol!

For Cooper!

Gramma K has been spoiling Chloe lately and didn't want to leave out Cooper so she ordered him some TMNT/dinosaur toys, they arrived quickly in the mail and Cooper was very excited :-) Thank you for the gift!

Thank you!

Thank you to gramma and papa Smith for the kid's Valentine's Day cards and money! The kids could hardly wait to go to the store to pick out a gift! So since we were off from school on Monday I took them to Target. Cooper picked out a TMNT/dinosaur combo and Chloe picked out Mal's Spell Book :-)we've been having fun reading the spells and Chloe is already casting spells on us wither we know it or not!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Sunday morning we exchanged cards and gifts to express our unconditional and infinite live for each other! I'm so blessed to have the family of my dreams and thank God daily for my family!


Chloe's team Might won 2nd place out of three! They also won the Best Tumbling award out of their entire awards session!!! They have improved so much this year. They continue to be so fun and impressive to watch! I'm incredibly proud of Chloe!

Saturday last local cheer comp!

Thank you so much to gramma K and aunt Brigett for coming to Chloe's cheer competition! I love having you for company and appreciate all the time and efforts you make to be there for us!

Monday, February 15, 2016

Birthday month!

Then to keep Brigett's birthday month celebrations going mom treated all of us out to dinner and drinks!!! Thank you so much mom, everything was delicious especially your homemade carrot cake! Then everyone came back to our house. The kids had fun playing and it's always great to catch up with everyone. Happy Birthday Brig :-)

I was too busy having fun and didn't get any pics but I ran across this pic from five years ago!!!