Friday, February 27, 2015

Cousins :-)

Thursday after visiting Chloe at lunch we went to play with cousin Everlee :-) the kids had a blast together like usual and it was great for me to catch up with everyone!

Wednesday and Thursday

Wednesday we had a fun time at the Ridge. Because of snow, tumbling was cancelled for Chloe.

Thursday we meet up with friends at the library and enjoyed story time.

Then Cooper and I went to school to have lunch with Chloe. :-) The pic is of Chloe and one of her good friends, Gillian :-)

Tuesday in the zone.

We went to open gym with our friends then to our lunch play date with our friends.

Chloe had a good day at school and a great cheer practice.

After school play date :-)

Another fun Monday playing with our friends after school :-)

Monday, February 23, 2015

Busy Sunday.

As if the weekend wasn't busy enough, we kept up the pace on Sunday as well.

To start off we had a girls shopping trip, Brigett, Chloe and me :-) Then Chloe had cheer pictures. Then Chloe had a birthday party! Then back to the mall for a return and trip to Trader Joe's. What a day, left at 9:30am and got home about 6! Chloe told me that she loved spending the day with me and I completely agreed :-) It was also so much fun to spend time with my sister, it's so wonderful having her here!

Eskimo kisses :-)

Nothing brings a bigger smile to my face than seeing my daughter and son be so loving to each other:-)

Saturday evening for us!

Cooper and I hung out with Stephanie and TJ and even Aunt Brigett for a bit while everyone else was at the dance. We had a good time getting a couple errands done at the mall. The kids played at the playground, it was so busy but Cooper didn't mind! Followed by some take out and playing back at their house.

Cooper really likes hippos and found the hippo easily :-) But as you can tell, he was on the move and quite the blur.

Action photos!

Daddy took some action shots at the dance :-) of course Chloe is doing the robot and a few other moves :-) looks like they had fun!

Group photos!

Then we had to take some group photos with the Petersen's! The girls are so cute together and the dads were so dapper. Some cute pics and some silly pics of course :-)

They all enjoyed each other's company and they look forward to this dance every year :-)

Daddy Daughter Dance 2015!!!

Saturday evening Jason took Chloe out for a night on the town, including dancing, sweet treats and then out to dinner :-)

Chloe loves to get dressed up, feels special getting a flower and has the best time getting one on one time, dancing and fun memories with her daddy :-)

Jason looks so handsome and Chloe couldn't be anymore beautiful!

Reading :-)

Saturday morning!

Brigett and Steve took Cooper out and about with them. Steve got a hair cut and Cooper needed one bad. Cooper hates getting his hair cut and unfortunately being with two of his fave people, it didn't sway the dislike of the hair cutting experience. But on a good note, I didn't have to endure the haircut and Cooper looks so handsome! Win win for me, lol :-)

Friday, February 20, 2015

The rest of Thursday.

Cooper had so much fun he needed a nap!

Then after school we went to Uncle Rich's. The kids played, we enjoyed a yummy pizza party and we got to meet and hold baby Mila! What a fun evening!

Library visit.

Thursday after lunch we meet up with Petersen's at the library. It was a fun afternoon with lots of indoor activities :-)

Playground for kids!

Thursday morning Brigett and Macy came over and then we all went to the indoor playground. We had a fun morning  together! Cooper loved playing there and might have a crush on Macy as he was taking about her again today :-)

Wednesday news!

Cooper and I had a fun time at the Ridge. I'm so thankful to have so many fun activities to do with him :-)

Wednesday evening Chloe had her regular tumbling class. She's been practicing her round off, back hand spring running tumbling for a couple months. She has been doing a great job.

Then her coaches pushed her to do more and with self motivation, coordination and fearlessness, Chloe did a round off back hand spring followed by FIVE back hand springs!!! Oh my word, this girl is talented!

Tuesday lunch date :-)

Cooper and I went to school to have lunch with Chloe :-) Chloe loves having us visit for lunch. She has so much fun with her friend Emma, I love watching them be little, fun girls together :-)

Monday at the SCI!

Monday we didn't have school. So we meet up with the Petersen's at the SCI. It was so much fun! Chloe enjoyed a story time and being on the news during the weather report.:-) Cooper liked flying the paper rocket, the bubbles and the kitchen :-)

Because four hours together at the SCI wasn't enough, we played at their house for two more hours :-) Thanks for having us over!

What a fun day with friends!

Thanks gramma!

Gramma taught Chloe how to tie a shoe! Thank you for the patience and skills you showed and taught Chloe! How special :-)

Saturday evening fun!

Thank you to gramma for a great girls lunch after competition! The guys had fun going to a motorcycle swap meet and out to a guys lunch.Then we all had a fun night of watching the isu game, being treated to a pizza party by gramma and papa, taking the 5 languages of love quiz and lots and lots of laughs! What a fun night together :-)