Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Lake fun!!!

The kids are always so happy playing in the water and sand :-) love it!

The cuteness!

After nap time the Kneifl family joined us for an evening of camp ground fun! What a blessing to have everyone together!

The girls wanted to go swimming so Everlee borrowed Coop's attire. Omg the cuteness!

Ladder ball winners!

Saturday morning Mom and dad made the trip to enjoy some family camping time! We were so happy to have you join us for a great weekend together!


We cranked the music and these two girls put on a very entertaining show of dance, tumbling and pure creativity!

Craft time in the park!

We were so happy to have the Fallon's join us Saturday for a day trip of camping! We enjoyed lunch then the fun craft in the park :-)

Good times camping!

Playing games, playground time, and catching toads :-)

Winner winner!

Saturday morning we had a boys versus girls yard games tourney! We ended up tying. Girls won ladder ball and classic darts. Guys won bags and boche darts. What a fun and competitive time!


For the third weekend in a row we went camping!!! But this time was with a lot less stress! Friday after work Jason picked up our brand new travel trailer!!!

We met up with Brig and Steve at the camp ground. But with some light rain off and on we spent the evening inside playing cards and board games!

I was the winner of go fish and Chloe wasn't, lol;)

We were able to put the kids to bed, the guys watched a movie and us girls chatted, it was awesome!

These two boys!

Friday we had an all day play date with Evan! The boys were so good and had such a fun time together :-) They played a million games. This one pictured they were in a boat and shortly after that it was hot lava :-)

Poison juice or not?!

These two crack me up, I was the evil witch that gave Everlee poison juice but Cooper's juice wasn't poison, lol :-)

Cooper always has to get some snuggles in with Eden every play date too :-)

Back to curly!

By Coop's request I styled my hair curly the next day :-) it's probably the shortest I've ever had my hair but I really like it!

Second day of school :-)

Because Chloe is so cute and stylish :-)

Pack it in Wednesday!

Because the first day of school, a well child check up, and bringing home a new truck wasn't enough for one day I also got my hair cut, lol!

Chloe and I looking stylish with our new hairstyles together :-)

Cooper doesn't like my straight hair and asks for it to go back curly asap lol :-)

New (to us) vehicle!!!

Jason's pretty much the luckiest hubby, two trucks in his garage!!!

First day with daddy!

Daddy was able to walk with us to pick up Chloe from her first day of school :-)

Dry those eyes!

All those shots and tears called for a trip to the store to pick out a new beanie boo :-)

4 year well check!

We have a new pediatrician Dr White and we loved her, the nurse and the office! Cooper did great until his shots, poor baby wasn't expecting all of that and it took him by surprise. He gave the nurse some serious stink eye!

Second grade!!!

Chloe settled in and was so excited to be back :-) she had a fabulous first day and came out of school all smiles saying that it was amazing and couldn't wait to go back!

First day of 2nd grade!!!

Last week on Wednesday, Chloe had her first day of second grade! She looked beautiful in her new outfit! We gave the kids back to school beanie boos :-) unfortunately Jason had to work a shut down and couldn't walk Chloe to school but he was able to walk to pick her up from school! :-)

Chloe and I had similar feelings, we had the best summer ever and didn't want it to end but knew it was time to get back in the groove of school, learning, seeing her friends and moving onto the second grade.