Monday, September 29, 2014

Happy Birthday Uncle Rich!

A birthday, original, drawing by Chloe :-) Hope you had a fun weekend celebrating with your friends!


Friday was Ankeny Hawk's homecoming! So for dress up day it was spirit day at school. Chloe sported her new Hawks t-shirt and headband, she looked adorable :-)

Then Cooper and I went to visit Chloe at school! We meet her out for recess, she introduced me to all her friends. Chloe's bestie, Jillian is to the left of her and her other bestie, Emma is on the far right :-) Her friend, Ailey, to the right of her, was in preschool with her last year but they're in different classes this year. I'm not sure who the girl on the left is, she jumped in on the fun;)

Her and her friends were in love with Cooper and wanted to show him all around, it was so sweet. After recess we had lunch together. Chloe is so well behaved and such a great student. It was so much fun to visit her! Cooper didn't want to leave, Chloe didn't want us to leave and even her teacher asked if we could stay, lol! I'm looking forward to visiting her again!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Thursday fun!

This morning Cooper enjoyed playing at TJ's house while I went to an appointment! Thank you so much Stephanie for watching him for me!

Then we went to Everlee's house for lunch and a play date! We got to hang out with Aunt Brigett and Macy too. It was so fun see the kids all play together :-)

Happy Birthday Uncle Todd!!!

We hope uncle Todd had a wonderful birthday yesterday!!!! Xoxo :-)

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Tuesday kids.

It's home coming week for Ankeny Hawks and each day is a different dress up day. Yesterday was dress up with your favorite team apparel. Chloe wore a super cute cyclone outfit complete with a sequin skirt, so bummed I forgot to take a pic.

Today each class was assigned a color to wear, kindergarten was red. Chloe looked adorable as usual :-)

She pushed Cooper in the stroller all the way to school this morning :-)

Cooper and I enjoyed playing at open gym and seeing our friends there:-)

Thanks to Aunt Brig for helping out with picking us up from the car shop today. So helpful and also fun to get to chat together this morning :-)

Monday, September 22, 2014

My new shelves!!!

After way too many hours spent on pinterest trying to find my personal taste of diy shelving, I found the ones I wanted!!! This weekend Jason made my decorating ideas a reality :-)

I absolutely love how they turned out! Perfect. Just what I had envisioned. He made 30 feet of shelving! Two hung in the upstairs living room, two in our bedroom and two are in the downstairs living room.

Like I always say, he's handy and handsome, and I'm so lucky :-) Thanks for all your hardwood building and hanging these for me. I love them!

Little craftsman :-)

Date day!

Sunday late afternoon Brigett watched the kids and Jason and I went to our fave local winery! It was gorgeous out, the live music was entertaining, and the wine was amazing! Thank you so much for spending the afternoon with the kids, they have so much fun with you! And us big kids really enjoyed our time together :-)

Sunday at the orchard!

It was another beautiful day to be spent at the orchard as a family! We all had a fun time there like usual :-) The kids are absolutely adorable together!


The Devos family came over for dinner and to hang out! Thanks for the yummy burgers Brig and thanks to Jason foot grilling out! It was great to be able to see Tyler while he was home from college for the weekend. Steve and Chloe stained the shelves that Jason built for me, thanks for your help! Cooper was doing some of his own painting as well :-) what a fun evening together!

Special Notes!

Chloe's special notes she wrote for us on the white board :-) melts my heart.

Round Offs!

In the downstairs all night long :-)

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Friday night fun!

We had a fun and relaxing night at the Petersen's home! We enjoyed a yummy dinner with drinks and dessert. The kids played hard and slept hard, yippy! Thanks for having us over, it was a great time like usual!