Thursday, July 31, 2014

Fun on Tuesday!

It was a gorgeous day to be outside! We had a fun afternoon together :-) Then Chloe planned a pizza party for the evening. She was so happy that uncle Rich and Everlee stayed to eat and have water table fun! The girls got their clothes wet and needed dry ones. But Cooper didn't want to be left out so they all put on some Clone gear :-) What a fun Tuesday evening together!

Omaha zoo trip!

Wednesday we went to the Omaha Zoo with the Petersen's and their neighbor, Lauren. That makes 2 moms and 6 kids! Half of us had some type of cold but we made the most of it. The kids had a fun time! And it's such a cool zoo. We didn't have time to see everything but that just means we'll have to go back :-)

Dentist appointments!!!

Tuesday morning Chloe and Cooper had their first dentist appointments!

Chloe was so brave. She got right in the chair and went along perfectly with the cleaning, flossing and xrays. I was so proud of her behavior and also so proud of the results! She had perfectly healthy teeth. No cavities. And they said she does a great job brushing. Way to go Chloe!

Cooper had great results as well. Healthy teeth. But he wasn't very excited for the cleaning and flossing. They said it's typical for kids his age.

They both received gold coins to put into the toy stand. Chloe picked a sticky hand.Cooper picked a bouncy ball.:-)