Wednesday, December 28, 2016

New blog!

Alright I've officially ran out of space and needed to start a new blog! I've got a lot of catching up to do.

Play Date!

Playing their fave, legos!

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Legos and obstacles!

Another fun play date in the books! I created a mini obstacle course for the two big kids and it was so cute :-) burn of the winter crazies!

Board games!

We have so much fun playing games together! He was making the funniest faces when he'd get zapped during operation lol!


Coop helped me vacuum the downstairs last week. How cute is that??!!

My girl :-)

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Cousins Sleepover!!!

Thank you so much to Aunt Brigett and Uncle Steve for spoiling our kids with fun, love, time, shenanigans and creating amazing memories together!!! They had the best time with you this weekend and are already asking when they can do it again :-) We're absolutely blessed to have the family we have! Xoxo!

Here's a link to my sister's blog for all the details and pics from their fun weekend!

Charlie Cheeseball Smith!

The kids sang Charlie happy birthday, gave him a new squeaky toy and a birthday treat!

Stocking Stuffers #2!

When the kids returned Saturday afternoon we celebrated with week two of stocking suffers. Included were there fave emojis! :-)

Happy Birthday Charlie Boy!

Saturday was Charlie's first birthday! To make good use of our child free time we took him to pet smart to get his nails and ears trimmed. And little to our knowledge Santa was there!!! So of course he had to have his first visit with Mr. Claus!

Saturday morning date!

Jason and I enjoyed a breakfast that we didn't have to cook or clean up! We went to Ankeny cafe :-)

Date night continued!

After the movie we went to Whiskey River, we both give it two thumbs up! We ran into our friend Rachel and her friends. We had a fun night out together :-)

Date night!

Brigett and Steve hosted a cousins sleepover on Friday! To start the evening Jason and I enjoyed going out to dinner then to the movies. We saw Office Christmas Party :-) I love that Jason can make me laugh before the comedy even starts!

This is the life.

When the kids are at school you can find Charlie all comfy cozy right here on the blanket napping.


I hope he always wants to snuggle :-) melts my heart.

Jonathan and Julia :-)

Thursday's play date was brought to you buy cousins Johnny and Julia, I was their mom Stephanie and Brigett got to be the dad Greg :-) :-) :-)

Family pic!

Cooper brought this home and said it was his family pic! Named everyone in it to :-) I asked him if he liked art and he told me no, lol!

Question bag!

Cooper got to bring home the question bag from preschool. He chose an item to put in the bag and brought it back to school. He could give three clues and his peers would guess what was in it. Can you figure it out?
1. He wears a cow boy hat.
2. He's from a popular kids movie.
3. When you pull the string on his back, he talks.

Tuesday no pics!

We had fun having our friends over on Tuesday but I neglected to take any pics. So I stole this one from Brig :-) two great girls that were here :-)

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Snuggle time :-)

Growing girl!

Chloe had her 8 year old well check visit this week. She's growing tall! Here are her stats :-)

Christmas Lights!

Jason hung the lights this week. Our traditional house lights, the lights on the evergreen outside, and our Christmas tree lights through the window. But this year we added an inflatable Christmas fox :-) it's so cute!


Some little hands adjusted the knob on the toaster and I didn't notice, burnt toast anyone??!!

Christmas Cheer Party!

Sunday evening Chloe's cheer team hosted a Christmas party including a couple crafts, a gift exchange, dinner,  drinks and dessert, games, and of course stunts and tumbling! Chloe had a great time :-)


Two helpers baking goodies for Chloe's cheer party Sunday evening :-)

Stocking Stuffers!

Our family tradition of December weekend stocking suffers has begun! So much fun :-)


Sunday morning it was snowing and the kids were as excited as if it were Christmas morning! Running, screaming and pure excitement! Cooper would throw snowballs and Charlie would try and catch them :-) Cooper went out twice and stayed way longer than Chloe lasted :-)

Presents and the limbo!

Chloe and her friends all won the limbo making it to the last height :-)

Pizza and skating!

Skating party!

Saturday after cheer, Chloe had another birthday party to attend. Grace was having a roller skating party! Chloe has roller bladed outside but never roller skated inside. She had a great time!