Thursday, December 24, 2015

Game time!

Here are some cute pics Brigett took while she was watching the kids during my run this past weekend :-) how fun!

Winter Break Day 3!

We went with the Petersen's to backyard adventures on Wednesday. Again the kids had so much fun and played hard for four hours! Winter Break is going so well, the key is finding outlets for their energy during this cold weather and they will play for hours with their friends. We're having so much fun!

Chloe had cheer on Monday night and tumbling on Wednesday night and will now have a break from practice for a week.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Winter break day 2!

Happy birthday to my dear friend Stephanie! I hope you had a wonderful birthday and thanks for including us on your special day! I'm looking forward to celebrating :-)

We met up with Brigett and Everlee and the Petersen family at the playground for kids. The kid played for four hours and we only left because it was closing! Then Hannah got to come over for a play date. The girls had a fun time and make it so easy on us, they get along incredibly well :-)

Winter Break Day 1!

Monday we went to the Petersen's for a play date. The kids had so much fun playing together all afternoon. Us moms had a good time visiting and doing running trades :-) Thanks for having us over!

The weekend fun!

Saturday Jason had a side job to work on all day. It was fun to meet up with him for lunch though :-)

My sister came over and helped me watch the kids so I could go on a run. I'm so thankful for her help once again. It was a cold weekend for running but I have grown to love my runs.

Brigett was able to stay the evening with us and we had a pizza party and watched the ISU basketball game!

Sunday we went to the DeVos home for lunch and to visit with them and my parents. It was fun to get together for the afternoon as a family! Thanks for having us over :-)

Early stocking stuffers!

Friday after school and work we enjoyed giving and receiving stocking stuffers! Brigett got to witness the chaos and it was crazy! Cooper couldn't contain himself and Chloe tried hard to control her impulses, it was so cute and fun :-)

Chloe's class party!

Chloe was so excited for her Christmas party at school! I had a great time being with her. It's amazing what joy it brings to me simply watching her have a fun time :-)

They played a dice/drawing game and won elf hats. Played a snowball Olaf game. Made a snowflake ornament. And ate cookies during a story time.

Thank you to my sister for watching Cooper so I could attend Chloe's party! I'm so thankful for your help!

Reindeer shirts!

Chloe was all dressed up in her homemade reindeer shirt for her school Christmas party on Friday :-)

Kim hosted a shirt making play date a couple weeks ago. We also did this last year. It's such a fun tradition!

Thursday, December 17, 2015

A little more calm today.

I don't know if Brigett and Rich would agree but these two seemed a little more calm today. They still ran around and played and had fun but it didn't seen as wild, knock on wood, lol :-)

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Happy birthday Jesus!

Today at the Ridge we celebrated the birth of Jesus! Complete with a Christmas story, craft, cupcakes and goody bags! Ms Jean is an awesome teacher, creative and thoughtful. She sent home a craft and goody bag for Chloe too :-) Chloe was very thankful and did the crafts right after school!

Oh fudge!

Four of us mom's made twelve total batches of fudge and shared them between us! It was a great time and they are so delicious :-) we made white chocolate mint, Butterfinger, chocolate and cookies and cream, yummy!!! We took a family taste test tonight :-) Jason and Chloe like the white chocolate mint, Cooper likes the chocolate and I like cookies and cream and Butterfinger :-)

The kids played well together and then crashed :-)

Cheer Christmas party!

Sunday afternoon Chloe and I attended her cheer Christmas party. It was a great time! We had lunch, made a craft, received a gorgeous cheer ornament gift and the girls played while the moms chatted. Thanks for hosting Laura!

Sunday morning stockings!

It's so special to experience Christmas through our kid's eyes. It really is one of the greatest joys of being a parent. They are so sweet and so much fun!

TJ's turtle birthday party!

Saturday afternoon I took the kids to TJ's 4th birthday party,TMNT theme of course :-) the party was super cute and so much fun! Jason was able to join us after work too. We had fun hanging out, eating and drinking. Thanks for having us and we hope TJ had the best birthday yet!

Saturday fun!

Jason had to work on Saturday and I really wanted to go on a run. Aunt Brigett to the rescue! Not only did she come over to watch the kids but she also brought a fun activity/craft. They created their very own car city. Thanks so much for helping me out and spending time with the kids, I really appreciate it and they love spending time with you :-)

Holiday festivities!

Friday we enjoyed a great family night! We went out to dinner for Mexican, yummy. Then a visit to see Santa. All day Cooper was saying that he was going to sit on my lap and that I was going to sit on Santa's lap! Do I was prepared for another family pic with the man in red. Then to my surprise he walked right on up with Chloe, gave Santa a high five, took pics and didn't want to leave his side. I think he was waiting for a present :-) Chloe said she told Santa her Christmas wish and Cooper's wish, always looking after her brother :-)

It was getting late but Chloe begged to see the Jolly Holiday Lights. It's part of our yearly tradition and we had been planning on going but daddy worked late so we were behind schedule. We decided to squeeze it in since it was fun Friday after all. I had made batches of fresh popcorn, brought chocolate coconut milk and some sweets. I set the radio to the Christmas station and we were all set! We were having fun the Cooper hit the wall, then daddy hit the wall, then Chloe got the wall and we were only half way through!!! By the end Cooper was crying, Jason was practically asleep at the wheel and Chloe had yelled "I wish I was an only child" and I was laughing hysterically at how the night had taken a turn!!! They both feel asleep on the way home.

And now the exhibit is closed for the season due to flooding. We're joking about how thankful we are to have gone when we did, lol!

Thursday, December 10, 2015

What's that noise?

Every Wednesday is late start for Chloe's school. Every Wednesday I hope that they'll sleep in an hour, lol! In reality they wake up regular time or sleep in fifteen minutes, hey I'll take what I get.

But this week, I jolted awake thinking I missed my alarm. I laid there and heard super weird voices and noises. It freaked me out. I went to Cooper's room and they were talking on Cooper's new walkie talkies! Giggling laughing and having fun :-) they even slept in for about 45 minutes before playing quietly in his room!!! Best way to wake up for sure.

Wild child!

So much energy, so many sillies, so much fun!


These boys were so excited to play together again on Wednesday they made a whole day out of it! First at the Ridge then at TJ's house then at Cooper's house! 5 hours of fun and laughter :-) what cuties!

Playground for these kids!

Tuesday afternoon we burned off winter energy at the playground for kids. We love going there with our friends during the winter!

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Santa hats!

This morning Cooper and I wore Santa hats while watching Christmas curious George, it was all his idea and a good one at that :-)


They had to be there at 8am again, it was a little rough for day two but Chloe powered through it. They even had a practice the night before to switch and add some harder stunts. The girls did an awesome job and even improved their score on day two! They placed 8/8 but showed personal improvement when it came to their scores. Very proud of them! What a fun weekend!

Swimming again!

Saturday evening the kids swam again. Cooper was doing the back float/stroke! I was impressed, usually kids don't like to go on their backs in the water.

Mall of America!

After competing and cheering on her fellow gym teams we headed to the mall. First stop was the American Girl store of course :-) I think I had just as much fun there as Chloe did. That store is so cute! Chloe picked out some goodies for sure :-)

We met up with the guys and to Cooper's luck there was a teenage mutant ninja turtle store right outside the American Girl store! So he picked out a couple goodies too!

Cheer pics

Chloe loves cheer, she has made so many great friendships, and its the perfect outlet for her high energy physical needs. We're both very thankful to belong to a family oriented gym. We have such a great time at the competitions!