Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Kansas City or bust!

Friday after school and work we packed up and headed out to Kansas city for Chloe's two day, nationals, final cheer competition of the season.

A car ride of this length called for some funny faces:-)

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Spring pictures!

Friday was spring pictures at school and Chloe looked gorgeous as usual :-)

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Lunch date!

Cooper and I visited Chloe at school for lunch today! Copper accessorized himself and got many compliments :-) Chloe was so happy to have us visit :-) I absolutely LOVE being able to visit her during the school day! And the lunch table talk between her and her girl friends are hilarious!!!

Car wash.

Cooper has come a long way from screaming at the thought of having to sit through a car wash let alone me even mentioning the words car wash.

Now he asks to go get my car washed, this is awesome because I have free car washes and LOVE getting my car washed :-)

Plus after driving his hot wheels through the mud Wednesday afternoon, he had to give them a car wash! Plus about 20 others that he thought needed a cleaning :-)

Ridge Wednesday

The kids were having a great time building popcorn bucket towers :-) I would lift Cooper up to the top so he could add more, he was so into it :-)

Tuesday group!

We got the gang back together for a lunch play date! Thanks to Kim for hosting. The kids were really into building and knocking over towers.

Miracle league park!

Monday after school we met up with the P's for our play date. We went to Miracle League Park which is an all inclusive park and handicap accessible, it's so cool!!! The kids had a blast! The boys played on this slide forever, it was their favorite :-)

Sunday evening!

When we got back from our weekend away, aunt Brigett and Chloe's new friend, Tallie, came over! Chloe, Tallie and the neighbor Brooklyn played all night :-)

Brigett got Cooper a paw patrol baseball hat! Thank you for the gift! Cooper loves it and wears it everywhere but takes it off when he goes inside, somehow he knew the etiquette :-)

Weekend at gramma and papa's!

Saturday evening we arrived at gramma and papa's just in time for a cocktail and delicious homemade dinner! Cooper thoroughly enjoyed the homemade, chocolate, cake donuts :-)

We enjoyed playing outside on Sunday exploring, "climbing the mountain" according to Cooper, making wishes in the well, blowing 1996 bubbles that still work! And lots of laughs :-)

Thanks for having us and creating more memories!

Monday, March 23, 2015

Visiting the grandparents!

After swimming we were happy to visit with gramma and papa Smith! We're looking forward to going back this summer and spending more time together :-)


Friday evening the DeVos family came over for happy hour and a grill out! We had a good time relaxing, eating, drinking, sitting by the fire and looking for the infamous northern lights :-)

It's fun to have Tyler visit during his spring break and the kids love having an older cousin to goof around with :-)

Kings Pointe Water Park!

Saturday morning we packed up and headed out to Storm Lake to spend the day swimming! The kids LOVE the water and it's so much fun to play at a water park together!

Play date fun!

Emma, Chloe's bestie from school, came over to play all afternoon! They had such a good time together and it was one of easiest play dates I've ever hosted. Therefore we are all looking forward to getting together again :-)

Friday, March 20, 2015

His obsession :-)

Cooper loves his new paw patrol jammies! Thanks for sending them in the mail gramma and papa :-)

Stunting :-)

This is from practice last week :-)

March Madness!

Thanks to Rich for having us over for lunch, the game and playing! It was a fun family afternoon together.

The picture is of the kids enjoying surprise eggs :-)

One of my favorite memories was playing pictionary and Chloe drawing a cat-bat :-) lol, lots of laughs during that game!

Morning snuggles :-)

Always with this guy :-)

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Shaped up :-)

Chloe got a trim today, just in time for school pictures coming up :-)

All I want for Christmas.....:-)

Chloe inadvertently lost her other front tooth while we were at the zoo on Monday!!! She was in a tunnel/cave thing with her friend and started shouting, my tooth fell out, my tooth fell out!!! Does it get any cuter than this??? :-)

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

This afternoon I played the Irish station on Pandora and did a little jig in the kitchen for the kids. They thought I was hilarious and a while later I found myself with a festive scarf around my head pretending to be an Irish pirate, Argh Happy St. Patty's Day :-)

Playground for kids!

We spent the morning with our friends at the playground for kids! They had so much fun there and always love running, jumping, climbing, sliding the hours away :-)

Free ice cream cone day!

Last night we walked with our neighbors to DQ to get free cones :-) it was busy, there was a big line, the girls rode their showers and Cooper drive his blue car, it was quite the experience, totally worth it!

Spring Break Monday

We went to the zoo with our friends! It was so gorgeous and a perfect day to visit the zoo.

We ended at the eagle which Cooper was very excited about, he's been taking about eagles lately :-) Chloe is such a great helper and so easy to take out:-)