Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Tuesday for two!

We had a great group play date after preschool at Caden's house today! Thanks for having us over :-)

Then we had a fun play date at the Fallon's after school :-) thanks for having us over!

This was so much fun, I'll have to get some for winter break. The boys were building different sculptures out of tooth picks and marshmallows!

Black Friday!

Chloe saw a commercial for black Friday at fleet farm. It involved 500 free koala bears for the first 500 customers at the 6am opening. Free stuffed animals was music to her ears and we weren't going to miss out on that!!! Jason is such an awesome daddy, he took her there bright and early to stand in a line that went all the way out to the road! And because of my poor communication, Todd and Jenn also went and got two koala bears! :-) So much fun and such a great story :-)


Jason took this pic while some of them were out on the town this past weekend. Cooper was obviously not camera ready lol! But Chloe was of course :-)

Sunday morning!

Everyone needed to get back to their homes and the kids enjoyed some morning arts and crafts :-)

Cousin Tyler and grandparents!

Thank you to everyone for attending mass and being a part of baptism. It means so much to us :-)

The grandparents!

The God Parents!

Thank you for taking on these roles for our children! And to Rich and Andrea for your support as well as god parents, we hope you had a great thanksgiving with your family!


Thank you to our family for being there to support us during this milestone!

Lighting the candles.

It was a sweet ceremony as the kids were involved and understanding of the occasion! They did awesome holding the candles too :-)


Saturday evening was one of the highlights of the holiday break. Chloe and Copper were baptised! It was so special and left me feeling very emotional.

Thankful for this guy :-)

Fallon Friday!

The Fallon kids spent the day at our house while their parents spent the day at Mayo Clinic. The kids had such a great day playing together! Thanks to Jenn for all the play doh fun:-) and Jason, Tyler and Todd for the golf fun :-) Please keep Kerry in your prayers as she battles cancer.

South paw.

Thanks to Jenn for taking this pic :-)

Water is so fun!

Two cousins playing in the sink quickly turned into three cousins swimming in the bath tub! Gosh they are adorable :-)

Chilling out :-)

More from Chloe :-)

So thankful for our loving family!

Pics from Chloe!

I didn't take nearly enough pics but Chloe took some :-)

Happy Thanksgiving 2016!

Jason and I were so happy to host both sides of our families! Papa Smith arrived Wednesday and treated us to a yummy traditional thanksgiving eve dinner;)  Uncle Todd and aunt Jenn arrived Wednesday night!

The great was amazing, probably the best I've ever had!!! Thank you to everyone for contributing, helping and making it a true family gathering!

Poster contest!

Chloe is entering a poster contest through the Knights of Columbus. The theme is Keep Christ in Christmas. I love it and am so proud of her at work!

Great job kids!

Chloe went first then Cooper. I was impressed by their scores and spares!

So much fun!

At the fish bowl!

For the first day of thanksgiving break Kerry and I took the kids bowling at bass pro. The bowLing alley and restaurant is called the fish bowl and has an underwater theme, it's so cool and fun!