Friday, January 29, 2016


The kids love to go downstairs after lunch. Cooper enjoys playing with the trains and Everlee likes to run :-)

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Meet Charlie!

Wednesday after Chloe's cheer practice we drove to Carlisle to meet the cutest puppies ever and upon arrival it was so easy to pick out dear, sweet Charlie to join our family. Chloe named him right away, a "C" name to fit right in with her and Cooper, and we love the name! He's one of five puppies from the litter and they all were so adorable. We fell in love fast and quick! He's a mini Schnoodle, half Schnauzer half Poodle. Nonshedding, small maybe around 15 pounds, bundle of joy and love. He's so chill and when he heard a squeeky toy he perked up ready to play :-) We get to bring him home at the end of next week and we can not wait! Get ready for lots of kids and puppy pics :-)

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Lunch date!

On Monday Cooper and I visited Chloe for lunch at school. She's just the sweetest daughter and I love seeing her in her school setting. So much fun! After lunch they have recess but not without a couple pics first :-)

Guys weekend!

Jason and Cooper spent the weekend at gramma and papa Smith's home! They love spending quality time with them. Jason said they went out to lunch with Todd and Jen at a new delicious bbq restaurant but Cooper's fave part was shelling the peanuts and throwing the shells on the floor, total boy :-) I love that they take these weekend trips so easily as father and son, makes my heart full :-)


After awards we went to stay the night at gramma and papa's house! They totally spoiled us all weekend. They treated us out to dinner and drinks at a yummy Mexican restaurant. Followed up with sweat ice cream treats! And a night of relaxing and catching up.

After a homemade breakfast Sunday morning, papa and Chloe went snowmobiling! Chloe had so much fun! But it was too short lived for Chloe. She wanted to stay and go longer but she had a friend's birthday party to attend back at home.

Thank you so much for everything! It was a great weekend spent with you!

1st Place!!!

Team Might placed 1st out of seven teams!!! They had zero deductions! So proud of Chloe and all her teammates. I read a quote that said your medals are earned at practice and picked up at competition. These girls sure did earn their medals and trophy!

Stage presence!

Group shots!

So brave and talented!

Cheer action!

Action Shots!